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BST Carbon Fibre Wheels

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"Mods of the year? It's hard to ignore the impact of BST carbon wheels. Yes, they're hugely expensive, but in the context of what they deliver, they're actually good value."

Moby, Fast Bikes Magazine

Independent reviews
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Anthony Johnson

Cycle News review the new MV Agusta Brutale 1000 Serie Oro, which features Red Inked BST Rapid Tek wheels as standard.

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Anthony Johnson

UK Clubsport magazine interviewed Snetterton's lap record holder, BEMSEE's Anthony Johnson, and although not pictured here, his BST wheels played a big part in helping him achieve it.

Visit the UK Clubsport website here.


“...they’re not only bombproof, they elevate my V4 S to new levels of sexiness and improve performance, too.

...Preload is still mechanically adjustable, but it’s bang-on for the road and doesn’t need tweaking.

Now my V4’s ride is so plush and controlled it feels like a factory race bike and all because of those
sexy wheels."

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MCN Rapid Tek

MCN BST Rapid Tek Review

MCN Chief Road Tester & Club Racer, Michael Neeves tested some BST Rapid Tek Wheels on his Panigale V4 S...

“...they elevate my V4 S to new levels of sexiness and improve performance, too."

"we tested a set of BST carbons back to back with cast aluminium wheels on our long term Ducati Panigale 899. They were 0.7 secs/lap faster, which might not sound a lot, but during a 10 lap trackday session you’ll be seven seconds ahead on the lighter hoops."

"The Rapid Teks are just as impressive for the road, as I discovered when I fitted them just before a 10 day, 3150-mile ride around Europe"

"Now my V4’s ride is so plush and controlled it feels like a factory race bike and all because of those sexy wheels."

“as standard the forged ali Marchesinis aren’t exactly heavy, but they [the BST Rapid Teks] let you run a softer suspension set-up, which ultimately gives you a plusher ride and more grip."

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“...the wheels are made in South Africa by specialists BST. They've been making carbon wheels for Panigales since 2012, but these aren't off-the-shelf designs and have been adapted from Ducati's drawings for minimal changes... In total, they're 1.4kg lighter than the Superleggera's magnesium Marchesinis – a significant reduction in rotational inertia.

...carbon-fibre wheels are the next step when it comes to agility."

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Performance Bikess Magazine


“Whether you’re on road or track, the significant reduction in unsprung mass dangling at the end of your fork and swingarm is revelatory. There’s less mass to accelerate, less rotational energy to decelerate, and because of the lower mass there’s also less gyroscopic effect trying to hold the wheels upright and on their preferred axis – all adding up to a transformation in not only your bike’s handling, but also its braking and acceleration performance."

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MCN - Reader Question


Performance Bikes Magazine
TL1000R & GSX-R1000

"We've used these BST carbon wheels for the last two years on Project TL1000R. We've found them to be a quality product that gives a huge weight saving, and corresponding increase in performance... They've played a major part in making the TL one of the best handling bikes I've ever ridden."

Matt Wildee

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“Where it probably tells most is in the BST wheels; quicker steering and acceleration, plus an easier time for the suspension and better braking are the main benefits."

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Performance Bikes - Yamaha YZF-R1 Anniversary Edition

“They make a hell of a difference, even when compared to OZ.

It’s not so much the handling improvement, more the throttle pick-up. It felt like it gained about 10bhp at the rear wheel as there is so much less mass for the engine to get spinning.

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Performance Bikes - Aprilia RSV1000R Mille

Practical Sportsbikes
Ultimate NSR 500 Replica

"It sits on feather-light carbon fibre BST rims that quicken steering and turn-in, as well as keep the bike’s weight on target. If you look carefully you can still see the carbon weave through the deliberately non-painted HRC logos on both wheels."

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“The wheels are my favourite mod on the bike,”

“Critics don’t get the idea of fitting wheels to a bike that are worth almost half the value of the entire thing, but they’re usually people who’ve never tried them.”

He’s right, but then I would say that, having splashed out a chunk of money to fit them to mine. The old cliché is true: they transform the bike and make it go, stop and turn faster. That makes the bike less demanding to ride, meaning you can push harder for the same effort."

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  Performance Bikes - Suzuki GSX-R1000 K5

Motorcycle News
Ariel Ace

"It seems odd to say it, but there’s never been a better time to buy a
British bike – and there’s possibly never been a better British bike than the Ariel Ace.

Glorious BST carbon sevenspoke wheels (complete with delicious milled alloy hubs).

...I simply can’t think of a British bike so potent, effective, refined and desirable."

Phil West

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MCN Ducati 899 Panigale test at Rockingham

"Within just a couple of corners it’s
crystal clear the carbon wheels make a big difference. Suddenly the 899 is even easier to get around the track and you can feel the tyres digging their claws into the tarmac even deeper."

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Carbon-clad HRC-kitted RC45

Performance Bikes Magazine

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Honda RC45 BST Wheels


NCR has created the world's lightest most exotic Ducati café racer M4 special.


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FastBikes Magazine
Ducati 1199 Panigale

"Costing the thick end of £27,000, you'd expect the Ducati Panigale 'R' to be the cream of the crop, wouldn't you? Surely it's the best of the 1199 bunch so far? At least that what we're supposed to believe... Except in the Panigale's case this couldn't be further from the truth in my opinion.

The stock bike - the one I'm lucky enough to run this year - I'm convinced is the better bike ...I can go faster on it and with far less effort than the R version. And now even more so, with the addition of the BST Carbon Fibre wheels…

The BST wheels are fantastic and have saved kilos over the stock items.

However, with the 1199 the front wheel didn't make the immediate big difference we normally experience with the BST wheel, mostly because the stock wheel is so light to begin with!

But, as soon as you turn up the wick and start slamming it from side-to-side, the BST's advantages are obvious.

Turn of speed is increased, and it also seems a bit more stable on the front now, as well as - hallelujah - somehow gifting a tad of extra feel from the front end too.

For the 1199, this is glorious and just what's needed to understand the bike better now the front is less vague.

So, not even including weight loss and the other benefits that come with a set of BST wheels, they're a roaring success on the Panigale."

Benjamin Kubas Cronin, Deputy Editor

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Fast Bikes
Fast Bikes, ZX10R End of year modified Staff Bikes Shootout, Spring 2012 issue

"Bitch, bitch, whine, whine, whine - ‘oooh how can we compete with carbon wheels’. Get over it. Or, indeed, pick the phone up and get your own set! Are we done? Good. Right then. I won with this bike. Splendid. All gloating aside though, the ZX-10R, and specifically this one, is bloody mint, and deserved to win. Ignore all the disgraceful shite you may have read elsewhere in the UK bike press, this bike is awesome, and if you spend a few more £s on it, it can be epic. The wheels define it..."

Richard "Moby" Newland, Editor,
Fast Bikes Magazine

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BST BMW Boxer Wheels

Bike magazine's Martin Fitz-Gibbons brings out the sporty side of his R1200GS Rallye.

"They're unfeasibly light, saving kilos in a critical area... This radical geometry change, along with the wheel's own reduced inertia, makes the steering miles faster than standard. It now reacts with an irrepressible enthusiasm to even the mildest inputs. falls into corners like it's been hit by a truck. And the transition from leaning left to right is so hilariously fast your brain can't believe it's happened."

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Bike Magazine - BMW R1200GS  

BST Wheels come out on top again in multi-wheel test

Respected German motorcycle magazine, PS Sport Motorrad, performed a detailed comparative test of eight different sets of BMW S1000RR wheels from BST, Marchesini. O.Z, Dymag, Galespeed, PVM Rotobox and BMW themselves.

As would be expected, the BST Prepreg Carbon Fibre wheels came out the clear winner in this test and ahead of the other two carbon fibre wheels tested - of which Rotobox received the lowest score, and even scored lower than some metal wheels.

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PS Magazine - BMW S1000RR  

Yamaha R1 Carbon Fibre Wheels Review

"Come the time I’d got out for a quick test ride, I
knew I’d made the right decision. It’s hard to
describe just how beneficial the new rims are to
the bike’s handling performance. I’d heard people
say about the difference lighter wheels make to
the way a bike rides, but now I know first hand
that those people’s words are not just hype. I’m
not the fastest rider out there, but even I can tell
how much quicker the R1’s nose wants to jump
into corners. You feel the benefit even more on
longer drags, when you have an abundance of
corners to tackle. The whole bike’s just so much
more agile. It’s awesome".

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Motorcycle Sport & Leisure - Yamaha R1  

BST Carbon Fibre Wheels ZX10R
Fast Bikes, Kawasaki ZX10R

"Say what you like about the expense, they don’t half work. And the faster you go, the better the improvements get. Together with the scrubbed in Bridgestone R10s, corner entry is like all your birthdays and Christmases in one.

If someone told me I could only ever make one modification to a bike, this would be it. "

Richard "Moby" Newland, Editor,
Fast Bikes Magazine

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Fast Bikes - Kawasaki ZX-10R Test  

Massive Lap Time Reductions at Donington Park

Without a single click of change to the suspension Fast Bikes Magazine's road tester found a two-second-a-lap benefit by simply installing BST wheels.

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Yet again a highly respected journalist recommend BST Wheels over any other modification you could make to your bike...

"Yes, they're a lot of money, but if you're serious about wanting a genuine performance upgrade, then leave all the shiny bits on the shelf, and make a set of these your only mod."

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SuperBike Magazine, Honda Fireblade 954

"They look incredible, weigh nearly a full kilo less than the next lightest wheels available, and are so strong they come with TÜV approval for road use. I had expected the bike to feel a bit better but the results were very impressive...."

Jamie Wilkins

Read full article here
SuperBike - Honda CBR954RR  


"Losing, for example, 0.5kg from a wheel can have as much influence as losing 5kg from the rest of the bike, i.e. it's 10x as effective." Kevin Ash, MCN technical expert.

HPS note: This means that on the bikes where BST wheels provide the greatest saving, quite remarkably, that would be the equivalent to saving 106kg from the overall weight of the bike.

Reproduced by kind permission of Motorcycle News and Kevin Ash.

Independent test results show how BST increases a bike's overall performance...

Tests carried out by the European specialised motorcycle press, gathered at Spain’s Calafat GP circuit for the 2003 MasterBike Test Week, proved that a classic bike - the 2001 DUCATI 996 SPS - standard in all respects other than having been fitted with BST Carbon Fibre wheels, can beat the cream of all 2003 model sportsbikes!

Click here to see the test results by fastest lap time or here for results by top speed.

The Calafat MasterBike week is a unique motorcycle testing event which takes place in early springtime on the twisty Calafat GP standard circuit in the South of Spain, between Tarragona and Valencia, close to the Mediterranean shoreline.

Attending each year are more than 40 press testers, motorcycle racers and/or specialised journalists from leading European sportsbike magazines, from Sweden to Portugal, having available for evaluation about 60 motorcycles from that model year, of all makes and models above 600 cc.
calafat masterbike

The week’s test program consists of every tester evaluating the bikes of their choice, both on open roads and on the Calafat circuit, the best lap times contributing to the final classification of each model.

It was fully expected by most testers that the star of the show would be the newest Suzuki GSX-R 1000. This was in fact the case until a 2001 Ducati 996 SPS picked up the challenge and took the week’s pole position.

To ensure that the Calafat testing week is an independent environment, no lobbying and no manufacturer representatives are allowed to be present.

The result - which surprised many - was that the Ducati, a standard bike in all other respects, when shod with BST Carbon Fibre Wheels, lowered its best lap time from 1:32.25 to 1:31.05 and increased its speed the end of the straight speed, from 234 to 238 Km/h.

This deprived pole position from the 2003 Suzuki GSX-R 1000, which was credited with a best lap time of 1:31.28 and an impressive top speed of 252 Km/h.

What is most remarkable, is that neither the 2003 GSX-R 1000, nor any other 2003 sportsbike present, from Aprilia to Yamaha, including some SBK/R derived models, were able to better the lap time of the Ducati 996 SPS fitted with BST wheels.
ducati bst

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