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BST Carbon Fibre Wheels

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Examples of BST Wheels being used by a variety of MotoGP World Championship teams, OEM Bike Manufacturers and Special Project Bikes


The ARCH 1S comes equipped with strong, lightweight 17” BST Carbon Fibre wheels as standard.

ARCH 1S BST Wheels


Combat's new Bomber

The Combat Bomber is carved entirely from solid billet blocks of military-grade aluminum, powered by an air-cooled V-twin engine and of course features lightweight BST Carbon Fibre wheels.

Combat Motors Bomber


The Fastest Naked Bike in The World has BST Rapid TEK Wheels!

The 4 cylinder, 998cc MV Agusta Brutale 1000 Serie Oro has 208 horsepower and a top speed of 300km/h (187mph), no doubt aided by the addition of ultra lightweight Rapid TEK wheels!

Speedwerks RGV

VTR Customs 'Veneno Blanco'

Hand made by Fabio Lo Giudice of VTR Customs Switzerland, this BMW R1200R LC has a Boxer twin engine with Nitros Oxide System giving the bike 170bhp and a fantastic look too with BST 7 Spoke wheels! More info on the VTR Customs website.

BST Wheels Veneno Blanco

BST Wheels Veneno Blanco

BST Wheels Veneno Blanco


Speedwerks’ RGV500 Two-Stroke Masterpiece

Speedwerks have created: a mid-1980s RG500 engine in the chassis of an early 1990s RGV250 with added BST Carbon Fibre Wheels of course. Read more about the project at the Cycle World website.

Speedwerks RGV


Loring Mile record attempt on BST Wheels

Article from the International Dealer News...

200mph Wheels

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Electric Technique

Take a look at this Alta Motors Redshift ST Street Tracker with 19-inch BST Carbon Fibre Wheels. The concept electric bike is built off Alta’s Redshift platform, with changes made to the bodywork, lowered suspension, and an LED headlight...

BST Wheels Redshift ST Street Tracker
Alta Street Tracker Electric
Alta Street Tracker


Ducati 1299 Superlegerra with BST Carbon Fibre

When creating their most sophisticated, most powerful, lightest and most nimble of full capacity sportsbikes - the 1299 Superleggera - Ducati chose carbon fibre not only for the bodywork, frame and swingarm, but also for the wheels and their natural choice of carbon fibre technology partner for these was Blackstone TEK.

Watch this remarkable animation to see how all of these beautiful carbon fibre parts integrate into this most stunning of bikes …which only weighs in an astonishing 156Kg!

This cosmetic style of BST wheel may be unique to the Superleggera, but you can easily have all the same wide-ranging benefits Ducati has identified they deliver by simply installing a set of BSTs into your sportsbike too.

Ducati Superlegerra BST Carbpn


Norton V4 SS

Britain's new 200bhp V4 superbike with factory fitted BST Carbon Fibre wheels...

Project 1408 - Highest spec. Ducati spotted with BST Wheels

As spy shot shows, new highest spec Superleggera 1299 Panigale - to be launched at 2016 Milan EICMA show - is to feature uniquely designed BST Prepreg Carbon Fibre wheels. Photos leaked via


BST and the world's most powerful luxury production bike

The Bienville Legacy is the much-anticipated follow up to J.T. Nesbitt’s Confederate Wraith.

The BST carbon fibre wheels might appear conventional at first glance but have custom-made hubs that are unique to the Legacy.

The chassis design picks up some of the principles Nesbitt began to explore with the Wraith. The front uses symmetrical carbon-fibre blades, produced in CNC-milled moulds by BST, in a girder fork arrangement suspended on a rising rate linkage composed of milled alloy and titanium rockers. The rear suspension uses the same blades laid flat and suspended by another rising rate linkage that shares most of its components with the front assembly. Almost all the individual components are interchangeable between the front and rear. As the composite blades preclude the use of pinch bolts, the axles are locked together with titanium conical nuts on each end. Eccentric adjusters on the blade caps allow fine-tuning of the trail on the front and chain tension at the back. The headlight angle, seat height, and rear ride height are also adjustable via the same process: every eccentric is adjustable with a single Allen key. Just loosen one pinch bolt, and then rotate the adjuster via a worm gear.

It is simple and clever, and beautifully executed.


VALTORÓN 'LaBulla 1600' - Custom BMW K1600GT

"It took some time but finally my VALTORÓN custom bike "LaBulla 1600" is completed and was presented to the public during the BMW Motorrad Days two weeks ago in Garmisch (Bavaria)! Please find enclosed some pictures (from left to right: Pablo Delgado (VLATORÓN), Ola Stenegard (Head of vehicle design at BMW), Pablo Delgado (VALTORÓN) and myself). The Delgado brothers really did a great job, didn't they?

Before Garmisch I took LaBulla on a rough 2.300km "test" drive from Madrid back to Germany. It was such a great time and the feedback from the people I've met was overwhelming.

Often they can't believe that this was once a K1600GT and your wheels are really a highlight, the icing on the cake :o)!"
Jens Kallweit

Aeromobil Flying Car

AeroMobil. Beautiful flying car. Beautifully integrated. Transforms in seconds from an automobile to an airplane. It is now finalised and has been in regular flight-testing program in real flight conditions since October 2014.

The AeroMobil 3.0 is predominantly built from advanced composite material. That includes its body shell, wings, and of course BST Carbon Fibre wheels.

More info on Aeromobil here.


Another Land Speed Record Smashed on BST wheels
Despite the salty conditions, Confederate left the Bonneville Salt Flats with yet another AMA Land Speed Record! The X132 Hellcat Combat LSR, with the help of BST wheels, reached an official top speed of 176.458mph!


Check out the video here...

Motus Land Speed Records with BST wheels

With the help of BST Wheels, Motus set the two fastest land speed records for any American production motorcycle on the the Bonneville Salt Flats. With top speeds approaching 169mph and records of 163.982 and 165.813 respectively.

The Motus MSTR motorcycles raced were entered in 1650cc P-PP (Production Pushrod) and 1650 P-PG (Production Pushrod Gas) classes. The 4200 ft. altitude and high friction salt surface “steal” about 25-30mph from speeds expected on pavement at sea level and the records are an average of 2 runs (“down” and “return”) that must take place the same day.

Carbon Special NCR Millona M16 Desmosedici uses BST wheels

As with most of their bikes, world renowned Italian company NCR chose BST Carbon Fibre Wheels for their Desmosedici Millona M16. Weighing in at only 145KG and with 200HP at the rear wheel - this is truly a fast bike; but at €135000, it's clearly out of the reach of all but the wealthiest of bikers!

See Tech Specs. at...

BST's Carbon Fibre Supplier joins The BLOODHOUND SSC Land Speed Record Team
Chosen because of their experience and expertise in composite materials, tooling, and the design and component manufacturing capability, BST's Carbon Fibre supplier - Advanced Composites Group Ltd - have been selected by the BLOODHOUND Project, an international education initiative focussed around a 1000mph land speed record attempt.

With a 30-year pedigree, acquired in the demanding and fast moving markets of Formula One, racing yachts and aerospace, ACG is ideally positioned to deliver the performance materials and the design and manufacturing expertise required to help the BLOODHOUND SSC (Supersonic car) team realise its dream of breaking the 1,000mph barrier, inspiring future generations of engineers and scientists.

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Celebrities on Carbon Fibre
Tom Cruise Confederate Hellcat

David Beckham Confederate Hellcat

David Beckham on BST Carbon Fibre Wheels

Tom Cruise (above) and David Beckham (right) proudly riding their Confederate Hellcats with BST carbon fibre wheels fitted as standard.

World's Fastest Wheels: BST Carbon-Fiber Wheels Set Record On Maxton Mile
at 272.340 mph
Brocks Speed Record with BST Wheels

Claiming the title of “World’s Fastest Streetbike,” Brock’s Performance-sponsored Bill Warner rode into the record books at the East Coast Timing Association’s Maxton Mile on April 11 with an astounding 272.340 mph pass in the standing mile on BST Wheels.

John Kocinski's Cagiva V593 exhibited at the Milan Bike Show

500GP John Kocinksi's 1993/4 bike, photographed at the Milan Bike Show 2009, wheels designed and made by BST's original design engineer

Confederate choose BST again

Harley-Davidson might have set the mould for the archetypical American motorcycle, but it's boutique brand Confederate that has taken it to the extreme. Confederate's Hellcat and Wraith are glaringly unique machines - all metal and carbon, nasty skeletal designs dripping with confrontational attitude. Now they're joined by the limited-edition Fighter Combat - a celebration of machined metal that looks like it's been chiseled from one hunk of polished aluminum for the next Terminator movie. But beyond its arresting looks, there's some interesting ideas on board... including Confederate's choice of BST Carbon Fibre wheels

BST equipped riders sweep the podium!

BST wheels have provided a competitive advantage to GP teams in all classes for many seasons and British front-runner, Bradley Smith's Aspar Aprilia team have taken delivery of these ultra-light wheels in
2009, undoubtedly contributing to the 57.5 point world champoinship lead currently being enjoyed by Bradley's team mate, Juian Simon and Bradley's superb form

Nicolas Terol wheelies to celebrate his Czech GP victory this season
riding on BST carbon fibre wheels

Nicolas Terol wheelies to celebrate his Czech GP victory this season riding on BST carbon fibre wheels.

BST wheels have provided a competitive advantage to GP teams in all classes for many seasons and British front-runner, Bradley Smith's Aspar Aprilia team have taken delivery of these ultra-light wheels in
2009, undoubtedly contributing to the 57.5 point world champoinship lead currently being enjoyed by Bradley's team mate, Juian Simon and Bradley's superb form.

BST wheels help Super-light GSX-R break lap record at the Nurburgring

Reprinted by kind permission of Motorcycle News

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The reborn British Norton factory has chosen BST wheels for its iconic 961 Commando

BST wheel on Ducati’s Desmosedici MotoGP bike at Spain's Valencia Circuit

bst ducati 2004 desmosedici motogp
Picture by Gold & Goose
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bst red bull yamaha bst red bull


Motoczysz C1
Motoczysz C1

Confederate B91 Wraith
Confederate B91 Wraith

Confederate Hellcat
Confederate Hellcat

NCR Ducati
NCR Ducati New Blue - NCR have refinished these wheels with gold hubs and spokes, from the factory they are supplied with silver anodised hubs and lacquered Carbon Fibre finish spokes and rim.


MV Agusta Brutale - Built as a tribute to Ayrton Senna

MV Agusta Brutale
See for more info and pictures

Falkner Livingston Racing runs BST equipped 600cc Honda CBR600RR to over 200mph

Falkner Livingston Racing Honda CBR600RR
Running with BST wheels Falkner Livingston Racing set a new top speed for a 600cc open wheel motorcycle with their turbo charged Honda CBR600RR at Bonneville Salt Flats Speed Week.

Rider, Jason McVicar, set a new top speed on the 3 mile course, averaging a speed of 195.820 over the first mile and in the second mile he averaged 201.216mph (323.48kph).

Honda CBR1000RR drag bike achieves 200MPH from a standing quarter with BST wheels

Honda CBR1000RR drag
For more information see

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