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BST Carbon Fibre Wheels

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Some feedback from BST riders
Don't just take our word for what BST can do. Check out these comments made by people who've already fitted them to their bikes and independent journalists who've tested them.
The way it changes direction now is incredible - especially at higher speeds
Speeds up quicker, slows down quicker, turns like a bicycle!
Better than spending money on the engine
They're fantastic!
We found you get less road shocks and a smoother ride
I'd recommend them
Initial pick up in high gears much better
The business!
So confidence inspiring
Can't praise them enough
Puts the power down better
None of the 'twitchiness' I expected
It now turns like a 600
So 'point and click'
Very easy to clean
Turns really well
'Unbelievable' does not do them justice!
It's like my R1 engine has just been put in a 250 chassis!
In 6th gear, I now don't need to change down to overtake as often
[My GSX-R1000] feels like a 600 now
Money well spent
Absolutely incredible difference!

"I just wanted to give you some feedback on my new BST wheels. I’m decent road rider who's been riding over 20 years on everything from Harleys to scooters. I’m in the Institute of Advanced Motorists and cover a lot of road miles, including two or three trips year to the Nurburgring, where I can do a respectable 8mins 30secs lap. My road bike is a 2002 Fireblade - standard other than an Ohlins rear shock and excellent Brembo SC road & trackday pads - and I have a 2006 ZX10R for trackdays.

I fitted the BSTs to my Fireblade because the standard wheels were corroding and I’ve never been very happy with its handling. I had a new set of 2CTs on the old wheels and these were swapped over to give an accurate side-by-side comparison and I must admit to being a little sceptical that a rider of my modest talents would notice any difference. But, the difference was immediate and obvious.

Because of the huge reduction in rotating mass the brakes and engine have far less work to do so the bike accelerates faster and brakes much better and it feels like I’ve had a very expensive engine and brake up-grade.

Next the suspension. The rear works well anyway since I fitted the Ohlins, but I’ve struggled to get the front working properly, always feeling under damped on rebound. I was about to embark on a full rebuild and valve upgrade. That’s no longer needed – with no adjustments at all, suddenly the forks feel perfect, with compliant damping and excellent feedback. The massive reduction in unsprung mass has solved my damping woes in a stroke. The rear grips better too.

Finally the handling, initially I was amazed at how quickly it now turns, I took the bike to my favourite roads to test it. It now turns in so quickly that I found myself running into turns too quickly and apexing too early, this cut my visibility through the bend and slowed me down but, after 10 minutes or so I readjusted and got used to it. I can now leave the braking later, keeping the bike upright for longer before turning in, this allows for better visibly though the bends and therefore more safety and, of course, more speed. Not often you can say that is it?

When I do turn in, I can go in deeper and with bigger lean angles. This means the bike is leant over for less time, again greater safety and better speed on the road. On the track the advantages will be obvious.

So, in short; a wheel upgrade has meant that my bike is faster, safer and easier to ride."

L.W. London

“Tomorrow I'll be putting the standard wheels back on, and waving goodbye to the carbon BSTs. A huge thanks to HPS, because I really enjoyed my time with them and the massive difference they made to the bike. If you've got the cash, it's a purchase you won't regret.”

Ben Kubas-Cronin, Long-Term Triumph 1050 Speed Triple. Fast Bikes

“The ZX-10R feels like a totally different bike. It seems that 50kg of balast has fallen off... and that all inertia is gone. Its responsiveness has gone through the roof, leaping forwards at the slightest invite from the throttle and changing direction unbelievably fast.”

“The BSTs leave you gob-smacked as the bike now snaps from full-lean-right to full-lean-left in an instant.”

“...there is no other [physical road-legal] modification you can make that will instantly cut two seconds from your times, even for £1,900.”

Deputy Editor, Jamie Wilkins. BST Wheel test. Fast Bikes

By far the biggest change I made to the ’Blade was the addition of the BST Carbon wheels and Braking Wavy discs. The handling was absolutely transformed from slightly heavy and slow steering to light and rapid. Flicking the bike between corners takes no more effort than a CBR600, and the amount of input through the bars is minimal – you can pretty much steer it through the pegs. Acceleration was improved, as was braking, and the bike the bike felt lighter than the weight saving would suggest it should. You might be thinking ‘great but they’re over £2k’, and it’s a fair point. But get a ride on your bike with carbon wheels and tell me it’s not worth it.

Richard Newlands, Fast Bikes Editor, Long-term Fireblade Review

I cannot describe the difference it made while driving. Just imagine someone driving and screaming from joy, and that's me.

KB Athens, Greece

MV Agusta F4

Hitting a curb square at 80mph on BST’s

"I have BST Wheels on all my bikes, and the thing nobody picks up on is the safety side for street riders. I had my bike hit a curb square at 80mph, thanks to my brother hitting me from behind and on the side that it veered him into a curb. He stepped off and the bike hit very hard.

When we picked the 1198M up, the front tire was intact and holding air. WHAT??? Yes, holding air just fine. When you’re ripping down the freeway and you hit a 4×4 strut or something in the road, hold on, your tyre and wheel will be fine.

No catastrophic shatters like a Marchesini or any other alloy wheel set out there... Still on the road, with the same wheel. I love’em enough to put them on every bike I own and it's the first thing I do to a new bike.

So far, 1198, 1098, 1299s, MV Agusta F3 800… That’s how much I love BLACKSTONE TEK products!!!!"

Jerry J Morris · Principal and Founder at Veracity Traffic Group

HPS is the exclusive UK importer and trade distributor for BST wheels. Dealers, please call for prices and information.


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