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BST Wheels

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BST Carbon Fibre Motorcycle Wheels

• Far faster turning • Stronger acceleration
• Better braking • Vastly reduced rider fatigue
• Less tyre wear • Save up to three seconds a lap 

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GP Winning, Prepreg Carbon Fibre Wheels...
The all carbon fibre motorcycle wheel from BlackStone Tek, produced using the latest technology, materials and aerospace manufacturing processes - in a single moulding process for seamless strength.

Comfortably over-engineered for road certification, including TÜV, their extremely light and exceedingly strong design makes them suitable for both racing and street/road use and they make an immediate and immense difference to any bike.
"...the ZX-10R feels lika a totally different bike, its responsiveness has gone through the roof..."

“...there is no other mod that can save 2 seconds a lap instantly, even for the same money..."

Jamie Wilkins - Fast Bikes
Donington BST Wheels test, Kawasaki ZX-10R

BST 7 Spoke Wheel
   Benefits of Prepreg Carbon Fibre Wheels

Lower rotational inertia results in all-round performance gains including...
- quicker and more responsive steering
- increased acceleration (equivalent to as much as +9 bhp)
- improved braking performance
- much less rider fatigue

...leading to typically one second per mile on circuit lap time saving

Lower unsprung mass provides better tyre grip and reduced tyre wear
Durability - carbon fibre is a fatigue-free material
Robustness - carbon fibre is a damage tolerant material
Longevity - carbon fibre is corrosion-free
Attractiveness - lacquered woven finish gives the wheels a killer look!

Lighter... and Stronger too
BST wheels are up to 30% lighter than most of today's advanced motorbike racing wheels, and even more significantly lighter than the standard production wheels. Since the weight saving comes from the spokes and the rim, the mass of the wheel is concentrated in the hub to the benefit of rotational inertia.

Because these wheels offer a substantial reduction in flywheel and gyroscopic effects, the motorcycle can accelerate, corner and brake faster. In particular, the reduced gyroscopic effect allows for much faster directional changes, which makes the motorcycle far more sensitive to the rider's demands.
"The BST carbon-fibre wheels
yield the biggest transformation over the stock bike. With less unsprung weight, the bike has a much lighter feel and takes minimal effort to turn"

Michael Neeves
MCN test, Ducati 848 ‘R’ Special

"In just three reasonably clear laps on the BSTs I’d equalled my best time on the stock wheels, and then cut a second on each of two successive laps.

Not only is that an incredible leap in performance, it also suggests that there’s more to come. You don’t arrive at your absolute best in one-second chunks. With an empty track, the BST wheels could be up to three seconds a lap faster. Best of all, the time comes effortlessly."

Jamie Wilkins - Fast Bikes
Donington BST Wheels test, Kawasaki ZX-10R

Not only are they extremely light, but they're extremely strong too - watch the video below...

"Thank you for my wheels; what can I say not only are they beautiful to look at, but they have totally changed the way my bike handles and feels.

Everything has been improved, including my riding. A massive thank you."

E.M. Lanarkshire

Technical highlights for BST Wheel range
BST Rear 5 Spoke Wheel

5 Spoke 'Black Diamond' Rear Wheel

5, 7 or 10 spoke designs
Aerospace FAR25 qualified materials
Manufacturing facility is ISO 9002 certified by the German TUV
Complete aerospace critical standard traceability used during manufacturing processes
All wheels are coded and serial numbered for easy identification and traceability
Using fully automatic aerospace nesting and cutting machines - each wheel's pattern is cut and part numbered simultaneously, guaranteeing correctness and uniformity
Far stronger than standard wheels and comfortably over-engineered for road certification to Rim Technology (UK government certified facility) & TÜV standards
Corner fatigue test standards exceeded, as specified in BS. AU. 50.
Radial fatigue test standards exceeded, as specified in BS. AU. 50.
Torsional fatigue test standards exceeded, as specified in BS. AU. 50.
Impact test standards exceeded, as specified in JWL - Japanese transport department

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BST 7 Spoke Wheels Satin Pair
7 Spoke 'Black Mamba' Wheels in Satin finish

BST 7 Spoke Wheels Satin Pair
10 Spoke 'Rapid Tek' Wheels in Gloss finish

"Straightaway, the Yamaha felt faster on the carbon wheels …on the stock wheels under heavy braking the bike felt like it was trying to back in – no such problem on the lighter wheels.

‘What I found most staggering was the ability to correct a line mid-turn and that gave me more confidence to lean further even though it was starting to rain, there was far more engaging feedback from the carbon wheels.

‘So are the BST wheels worth the money? Well you’d have to throw a lot more cash at an engine to make comparable gains…

But the clincher for me is how they make me feel… in terms of feedback and confidence I’d
definitely want a set of these and, if I was racing, I’d certainly have to find the money somehow."

Kev Smith - Performance Bikes
BST Wheels test, Yamaha YZF-R1 09

Here's the famous BST Wheel bouncing video...

And here's an independent test from the Bike Show...

HPS is the exclusive UK importer and trade distributor for BST wheels. Dealers, please call for prices and information.


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BST Candy Colours

BST Range of Candy Colour options, shown on Super Leggera Design - now superceeded with the new Rapid Tek design...

BST Coloured Carbon Fibre Wheels

The intensity of the colours varies significantly with lighting conditions and the colour only becomes apparent in brighter light.

To help show the colour under different lighting conditions, here's a video of the BST Blue inked wheel...

BST Blue inked wheel in Satin finish...

BST Rapid Tek Wheels in Satin Blue

BST Red inked wheel...

BST Green inked wheel...

BST Gold inked wheel...

BST Orange inked wheel...

BST Black inked wheel...

Andy Carlile Andy Carlile Nurgburgring BST MOtorcycle Wheels

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