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Our CBR900RR 954 Honda FireBlade of the bikes used for testing everything we supply to you

Fast Bikes journalist and racer, Mike 'Boothy' Booth, tested our 954 in 2019 and said...

"A brilliant sportsbike to head to the South of France on, very decent performance and even decent-er practicality. And with them carbon wheels, don't think it would embarrass itself on the track, either."

Download the PDF and read the full article now

Performance Bikes journalists Emma Franklin and Bruce Dunn, tested our 954 again in September 2013 and said...

"The way this bike steers and rides the bumps means it should be held up as an example of how to perfect an already brilliant bike."

Download and read the full article here.

Fast Bikes journalist and racer, Al Fagan, tested our 954 in 2007 and said...

"arguably the best FireBlade I have ever ridden...this is how a 'Blade should be."

Download the full article here

At HPS most of our customers are Sportsbike Owning, Track-Day Focused, Adventure-Touring Riders. And, because we need to be sure we are always giving the best advice about the solutions for your needs, we test as many of the key products we supply as we can.

This testing takes several forms, but there's no real substitute for getting on and using stuff - so that's what we do - using a variety of our own bikes - on the road, on race circuits and at the Nürburgring too.

To keep our "old" 954 up to date, we're constantly modifying it and - depending on whether is being used on road or track or both at any give time - here are some of the recent parts being tested or used...

  • MRA X-creen Sport add-on/Removable Adjustable Screen Spoiler
  • MRA Vario Touring Screen
  • 2004-2007 CBR1000RR forks with K-Tech 20SSK Piston/Valve Kit and Springs
  • EBC GPFAX race sintered brake pads (in Tokico Radial Monoblock Calipers - as fitted to current CBR600/1000RR and CB1000R as OE)
  • Brembo Serie Oro High Carbon Steel Front 320mm and Rear 220mm Brake Discs
  • ISR front Six-Piston Radial Front Brake Calipers
  • ISR High-Carbon Steel Narrow-Track Brake Discs
  • HEL Front Brake Lines
  • GiPro Digital Gear Indicator
  • Braketech Floating Rear Disc
  • Bazzaz Z-Fi TC system Traction Control, Quickshifter and Fuel Injection
  • Bazzaz Z-AFM Fuel Injection self-mapping module
  • ServoBuddy H-VIX Exhaust Valve/Airbox Flap Servo Motor Eliminator
  • Nitron Rear Shock Hydraulic Preload Adjuster
  • HID Headlamp



954 Fireblade

CBR900RR Fireblade 954

One of the bikes used for this is an '02 Honda CBR900RR 954 FireBlade, which has almost all of the parts we import or retail, fitted to it.

This bike's not just a track-focussed tool though, but a true user-friendly, multi-purpose mount which is just as happy being used as a track day instructor's mount at Donington Park, while also still being comfortable when used for week's 1,700 mile round trip into Europe visiting some of our primary suppliers - and at the same time testing suspension and braking components on the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

The inspiration for this came from us asking ourselves how could we create a bike, which combines the favourable attributes of two of arguably the best bikes ever produced at opposing ends of the motorcycling spectrum. We wanted to combine the lightness, flickability and excellent feel on the brakes of a Honda NSR250R and at the same time incorporate the comfort, practicality and relaxed feel of a VFR750F.

The 2002 CBR900RR 954 was chosen as the basis for this as it was the lightest of the litre class fours when it came out, and is a fair bit lighter (11kg) than the first 1,000cc Blade, making it easy to manhandle and manoeuvre.

The 954 is by no means a bad bike out of the box but it has a fairly crude fuel-injection system compared to the latest bikes with dual throttle butterflies and one of the main objectives was to eliminate the snatchiness some fuel injected bikes have when coming back on the gas from a closed throttle - which can really spoil how a bike rides on, for example mountainside hairpin-bends where throttle adjustability is so important. After over 100 dyno runs throughout its development we think we got it about as good as any bike with this type of fuel injection can be.

It's not just about power, although we have got some…
The winner of many magazine group sportsbike tests - based on its all-round abilities - and subsequent recommended used bike articles, we've continued with the 954 as it highlights our belief that you can take a good all-round bike and continually improve it further, without just following blind alley of 'power at the cost of all else'.

The common thread to the changes we've made to our 954 is that they had to improve its functionality or usability without adding complication and with full reversibility - where appropriate. But, in addition, virtually all of the parts fitted, or modifications made, we have made sure could be done by the average user.

We were happy with 148 rear wheel horsepower its engine was making after the few small mods of disabled Airbox flapper valve, Akrapovic full exhaust system, Factory Velocity Stacks, Power Commander III USB, combined with lots of dyno runs, but after a gearbox fault developed - meaning a strip down was required - the engine was blueprinted and gas flowed by 2KTT and is now making a respectable 159.7 rear-wheel BHP.

Underseat exhausts – or underseat storage?

After having seen so many riders stranded at track days or at the roadside miles from home for the want of a simple part - such as a levers or a footpeg after a small off - we tend to carry all sorts of spares and tools in the bike. This goes back to being taught to give a full service to the unreliable road bikes of our teens at the roadside when miles from home – using only the tools we carried with us – as a way of ensuring we could pretty much cope with most breakdowns. You don’t want to carry all this stuff in your luggage, though, as it’s quite heavy so decent size underseat storage space is needed which is another reason why we’ve been less tempted to buy a newer bike with underseat exhausts.


TomTom Rider Sat-Nav

TomTom Rider Sat-Nav (1)

The TomTom Rider has always been a fantastic GPS solution just for bikes and the brand new and enhanced TomTom Rider V3 Urban Pro has just been released. After having tested it on-bike this weekend, I can say the new 3D motorway lane guidance screens with the more logical and simplified menus make it much easier and more responsive to use and the wireless Bluetooth headset - with its twin earpieces/helmet speakers - make hearing instructions at higher speeds far better.

The unit can be operated away from for bike for advanced route planning and then just clipped into its supplied passive cradle - which you mount on your bike - when you’re ready for the benenfit of having directions delivered straight into your ears.

After having been using the TomTom Rider since the first version was introduced, I can honestly say it's transformed the trips I take into Europe when visiting suppliers, circuit or when simply touring and, by removing all the pressure of having to use a normal map to navigate, it allows you to just focus on the road ahead. Plus, it virtually eliminates the chance of getting lost (always stressful when time is short) and its many other features - including points of interest and Safety Camera warnings - add to feeling that you can just relax and enjoy the ride!

The new V3 Rider is available from HPS now with the free added benefit included of our full bike knowledge and tech support to help you get the most from it. Lastly, we strongly recommend the optional on-bike active charging dock to ensure your TomTom never runs out of battery power on longer journeys...


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Akrapovic Exhaust

Akrapovic Road/Legal Race Complete Exhaust System (2)

There’s no doubt Akrapovic is the world’s leading exhaust maker, so in our opinion there’s no need to look any further. Without any other mods, the full system (with its road legal baffle removed) takes the standard bike from 131.5 HP at 11,200 RPM to 141.5 HP ay 11,600 RPM, and saves 3.45 Kg over standard.

Download a PDF file (approx. 1.8MB)

This exhaust is now a discontinued part

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Bagster Luggage Systems
We all know there’s loads of luggage on the market and some is very good too, but we honestly don't think your money can buy a better than Bagster (of Baglux as it’s often more commonly know in the UK).
All their products have been specifically and carefully thought out for the needs of the long-distance or adventure-touring Sportsbiker.

Bagster Tank Covers Bagster Protective Fuel Tank Cover with Tank Bag Mounts (3)
Bagster tailored and colour matched Tank Covers are available for a massive range of bikes and covers normally become available for new bikes very soon after their release.

Protect your tank from scratches and minor dents on road and track
Provide secure attachment for Bagster Tank Luggage

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Bagster Tank Bags Bagster Tank Bag Luggage (4)
Massive range available, with various models encompassing the following features:

Small, Medium or Large Bags, expandable up to a very sizeable 34 litres
Specially profiled rears keep bags out of your chest when in the riding position induced by clips-ons to minimise the maneuverability restrictions conventionally profiled bags can cause
Clever detailing of the overlapping zips means this lower-rear profile can be retained even when semi-expanded
Massive (full footprint) map compartments - means you can ride further between the stops necessary just to refold your map or route plan - accessed from inside to provide maximum water-resistance
Easily accessible external pockets - ideal for small tools, keys, tickets, change for tolls, credit cards etc.- or certain bags’ own two detachable carrying straps which can be used single-shoulder or rucksack style
Integral rucksack style straps on some models
Internal document compartments
Rubberised carrying handles
Rugged, durable and water-resistant vinyl or Nylon fabric main outer constructions
Detachable fully waterproof cover
Non magnetic to avoid paintwork scratches – attaches to Bagster tailored and colour-matched protective vinyl tank cover system (required and available separately)
Available in several colour schemes to compliment your bike


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Bagster Whoppa Luggage Bagster Whoppa Tail Pack Luggage (5)
A great rear luggage solution which eliminates the need for using large Bungee Straps (which always seem to get filthy with chain lube) to hold the Tail Pack in place

32.5 or 35 litre capacities (bike and fitting kit dependent)
Single semi-rigid large compartment for easy packing/unpacking – makes it ideal for lifting items in or out using a large plastic carrier bag liner
Double closing – zipped and clipped top lid flaps
Excellent rubberised carrying handle
Rugged, durable and water-resistant Nylon main outer construction
Attaches and detaches easily to bike specific underseat kits – which fold neatly away when not in use
Does not require/use bike’s Bungee hook points
Ideal for bikes with Underseat Exhausts
Four external attachment loops for rucksack straps can be used for Cargo net providing additional external additional storage if required – ideal for carrying waterproof clothing etc.

Call 01773 831122 for details

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Bike design Crash Protectors

Bike Design Crash Protectors (6)

CNC turned from Ertacetal - a carefully developed synthetic material with a set of special and ideal properties (as opposed to Nylon or Teflon, which many other kits use) and which gives an excellent machined finish - Bike Design bobbins are designed to resist shattering and stay firmly in place when needed. In addition, for many bikes where the engine mounts are concealed by fairing panels our Bike Design kits avoid the need to cut holes by the use of carefully designed brackets which fit behind the bodywork.

More information...

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ISR front Six-Piston Monobloc Radial Front Brake Calipers and High-Carbon Steel Narrow-Track Brake Discs (7)

The Fireblade's standard brakes were already superb, but weighing-in at only approx. half the weight (538 g each) of the stock calipers and with four more pistons, with the ISRs installed we were able gain even better braking from smaller diameter discs - thus saving even more weight.



Braketech Rear Floaters

Unique in design and appearance, this all-new range of patented AXIS Design Rear Floaters are a limited premium line for late model European and Japanese Sportsbikes. Incorporating the patented floating architecture which is the hallmark of Braketech's renowned AXIS front floaters, these lightweight 100% billet units weigh at 10-35% less than the OE units and provide considerably improved control and modulation at the brake pedal (as well as reducing brake drag). Please call us for further details of the fitments for your bike.

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BST Wheels

BST Carbon Fibre Road Approved/Legal Wheels (8)

As numerous racers and journalist have commented, the most important parts on your bike to be as light (but as strong) as possible are its wheels. The only way to achieve maximum lightness and and strength is with Carbon Fibre. The benefits are massive with, lighter handling, better grip, faster turning, increased acceleration, shorter braking distances and lower tyre wear.

More information...

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Brembo Brake pads (9)

The best pads you can buy, or your money back*...

At HPS we test pads to the limit on road and track (you'll even find us changing between different pads set in car parks when on our travels) so we can give you the very best advice.

When we installed the Brembo SC compound front pads into our 954 we were amazed at just how much better they were than pads we'd previously rated as the best - and when Performance Bikes magazine subsequently tested them, they agreed when they said "the difference is [with the Brembo pads fitted] there was no fade at all."

Whether Road, Track Day or Race, we always advise of the right pads for our customer's needs from our wide choice of sintered, carbon ceramic or organic compounds - so please give us a call now so we can find the best pads for you too.

More information...

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CRG Brake Lever

CRG Roll-A-Click Adjustable and Folding Levers (10)

With CRG levers you really can alter your brake and clutch levers’ spans while riding, to compensate for brake fade or extreme engine temperatures on the track (or when touring in hot climates) which can cause your clutch to drag. We really recommend the folding or “Shorty” versions to minimise the chance of breakage if you drop your bike on the track (or up a remote mountain road, after midnight, in the rain!).

Call 01773 831122 for details

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GiPro Digital Gear Indicator (11)

Ride more safely by avoiding over-revving your engine on downshifts, or locking your back wheel, and find neutral more easily.

Plus... avoid the irritating "changing in to 7th" syndrome!

More information...

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Datatool Turn-Alert Audible Turn Signal Indicator (12)
Call 01773 831122 for details

Dynojet Power Commander III USB (13)
Call 01773 831122 for details

Factory Evo Transmission Star/Detent Kit (14)
Call 01773 831122 for details

Factory Intake Velocity Stacks

Factory Intake Velocity Stacks (15)

Call 01773 831122 for details

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Gilles Adjustable Rearsets

Gilles Adjustable Rearsets (16)

Founded in Germany, Gilles make products of the highest quality with superb attention to detail and (very importantly, in our opinion) excellent after sales backup and spares availability. There rearsets, chain adjusters and other components are second to none.

Call 01773 831122 for details

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Gilles KTS Chain Adjusters and GP-Style Paddock Stand Hooks

Gilles KTS Chain Adjusters and GP-Style Paddock Stand Hooks (17)

It’s not only important for your bike’s chain to be properly adjusted but also for its rear wheel to be correctly aligned too. Gilles KTS chain adjusters make ensuring this easy, and if you add the optional GP-Style Lifters they make getting your bike onto its’ paddock stand much easier and more secure.

This part has now been discontinued.

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Gilles Shift Holder for Gear Lever Shaft

Gilles Shift Holder for Gear Lever Shaft (18)

The gearchange shaft on this bike is very long and protrudes approximately 60mm unsupported from the gearbox - far more than is desirable. When pressure is applied to the gearlever, the shaft is put under radial load making the gearchange action notchy and stiff, leading to excessive wear on the external lever bush and linkages. Solidly located onto the Side Stand mounts Gilles’ Shiftholder gives support where it’s needed at the outer end of the shaft.

We no longer supply this part.

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Honda Heated Handlebar Grips with Auto Low-Voltage Cut-Out

Honda Heated Handlebar Grips with Auto Low-Voltage Cut-Out (19)

Heated Grips – one of the best things on our bike! There are many heated grips on the market but Honda’s high quality aftermarket kit offers: grips which are not too much bigger in diameter than the originals, automatic low voltage cut-out (to stop your battery draining when the engine’s stopped or at tickover), variable temperature settings.

Call 01773 831122 for details.

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Inforad Safety Camera Visual Alert Alarm

Inforad Safety Camera Visual Alert Alarm (20)

Inforad warns you via its LED display as you are approaching a speed camera and if you are over the speed limit for that particular location.

Easy to fit, it uses satellite GPS technology to pin point your speed and location, and compare it with its onboard database of UK and European fixed site speed cameras.

Shown here are the tail mounted GPS Receiver, underseat mounted Control module and flexible stalk mounted warning LED.

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MRA Adjustable Vario Touring Screen

K-Tech Fork Conversion (21)
When Fast Bikes Magazine's Al Fagan said our bike was "arguably the best FireBlade I have ever ridden...this is how a 'Blade should be." ...much of this could be attributed to its handling and the K-Tech front-end contributes enormously in this department:

" ...for thrashing around UK roads and a trackday or two, the internal [K-Tech fork] fondling has made an ideal set-up ....producing a superbly balanced bike"
Fast Bikes magazine

HPS supply the entire high-quality and race/championship-winning K-Tech fork internals (from only £229.00 inc. VAT, exc. fitting), spring kits, complete forks (and K-Tech's superb 35DDS shock too) for your road, track or race bike. Please call us for full details.

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MRA Adjustable Vario Touring Screen

MRA Adjustable Vario Touring Screen (22)

With its six-position aerofoil allowing you to tailor your bike’s airflow to suit your particular height, riding stance, helmet’s noise characteristics and typical cruising speed, I wouldn’t want to do long journey without one of these.

More information...

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Nitron Sport Rear Shock Nitron Track Rear Shock (23)

Fade free for consistent high performance operation
Cures "Porpoising" of stock/standard rear shocks when bike used on track or when heavily laden
Low friction rose-jointed eyes where applicable
Adjustable in length for ride-height changes
Fully CNC machined with light, hard-anodised corrosion-resistant Aluminium body
Very easy to adjust with independent compression and rebound damping - supplied complete with preload c-spanner
Hydraulic remote preload adjuster option
Produced by an established UK manufacturer with an outstanding in reputation motorsport and with UK based servicing available

Pipercross Air Filter (24)
Call 01773 831122 for details

SW-Motech Mirror Mount Wideners

SW-Motech Mirror Mount Wideners (25)

Call 01773 831122 for details

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Sargent World Sport Touring Rider’s Seat/Saddle Sargent World Sport Touring Rider’s Seat/Saddle (26)

Our comment: Never thought I'd say this about a seat but it's probably the best single modification on our bike... With the standard seat I was finding that after about 50 minutes' riding time I was starting to move around on the seat to try to get comfortable again and after just over an hour was finding painful “numb-bum” had set in causing me to constantly think about the where the next stop would be. With the Sargent seat the only limit to the journey leg length now is fuel range and comfort is no longer an issue at all. You can ride further and more safely when you’re comfy, so this type of seat has got to be one of the best buys for any regular long distance rider. Giles.

Unique 'Atomic Foam' core requires no bedding in period - more durable than Gel-Seats
Very comfortable - makes long journeys far less fatiguing
Complete replacement unit - fits in place of standard item (no recovering required) meaning you can resell it separately when you change your bike
Optional matching rear seat cover for bikes with separate pillion pad
Available in all-Black or with colour matched piping
Makes your Sportsbike feel like a tourer and your time in the saddle a pleasure!

Call 01773 831122 for details.

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Scottoiler Automatic Drive Chain Oiler with Dual Injector

Scottoiler Automatic Drive Chain Oiler with Dual Injector (27)

The original automatic chain oiler and, in our opinion, still the best - essential for long journeys in varying weather conditions.

Shown here is the very compact Dispenser, unobtrusively mounted behind the seat cowl near the battery and also the Dual Injector which applies lubricant to both sides of the sprocket and chain.

Call 01773 831122 for details

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Gilles Adjustable Rearsets

Sigma Slipper Clutch (28)

Not just for racers, this Sigma clutch offers benefits to the roadgoing or track-day rider too. After fitting one it's easy to think "what difference has it made?", but when you get back on a bike without one and realise how much more you have to juggle clutch and revs again during fast down shifts, you quicky realise how much easier this makes riding your bike.

More information...


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Sprint SXC Adjustable 916-Style Steering Damper Sprint SXC Adjustable 916-Style Steering Damper (29)

Extremely effective - completely overcame 'Blade's tank-slapper inducing characteristics of minimal trail
Low stiction - doesn't affect low-speed steering
Simple to install – no drilling required
Easy to use and adjust while riding
Advanced, yet uncomplicated design
Entirely UK developed and manufactured
  More information...

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Techtronics PQS3 Digital Quick Shifter and Programmable Rev-Lights (31)

The Fully-Digital Techtronics PQS3 System can acheive the smoothest shifts under all conditions (from full-on track riding to sedate road use) by actually collecting engine speed and road speed data from the bike's own sensors - to identitfy which gear is being shifted from and to, combined with what revs the engine operating is at - and automatically lengthens or shortens the kill time accordingly.

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Talon Aluminium Alloy Gold Rear Sprocket (32)

From a World Championship winning company with over 30 years’ experience - Talon sprockets are of the absolute highest quality.

These race proven sprockets are used by many top flight teams - both competin around the world and in the British Superbike Championship and the world famous Isle of Man TT races.

More information...

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