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Sigma Slipper Clutch


Sigma Slipper Clutch Suzuki GSXR1000




If you've not got one, 
you really need one...

If you've got one as standard,
you'll benefit from a better one!

Sigma Slipper Clutches
Originally, slipper clutches were thought to be needed only on big twins - like Ducatis - but MotoGP and SuperBike/SuperSport race series have now shown just how essential they are on multi cylinder four strokes too.

Used by Championship Winning teams the world over - and with good reasons - HPS recommends Sigma, which enable everyone from road riders, trackday enthusiasts to professional racers to easily enjoy the essential and multiple benefits of a Slipper Clutch.

Better lap times through faster corner entry
When you close your throttle at high RPM, - especially when downshifting rapidly - your Sigma clutch will ensure your rear tyre and rear suspension remain unaffected by the forces caused by engine braking and by preventing rear wheel "hopping" or locking-up upon corner entry, meaning your rear tyre maintains complete side grip when turning in.

Increased confidence on road or track
With the rear tyre’s grip being used purely for turning, you have far greater stability and a feeling of confidence when entering both high and slow speed corners and the clutch will be of particular benefit when rapidly slowing on track at the end of a high-speed straight, or on the road when an unexpectedly tight bend appears.

Protect your engine and gearbox!
And - just as importantly - your clutch will completely prevent the often severe (or catastrophic - see image here) damage caused by over-revving when downshifting ...the full benefits of this simply can't be overstated.

After suffering £1,200 of engine damage from breaking a con-rod because of a botched downshift with his original non-slipper clutch, one of our recent Sigma customers now says: 

"I got one of your excellent slipper clutches for my R6 engine and It's absolutely superb - what a difference it's made to my racing, it's amazing. I can now bang it down the 'box. It works absolutely perfectly and I can't over-rev the engine now because of the slipper clutch and I can go straight to the gear I know I'll need after braking.

It means you're not constantly looking at your rev counter; you don't have to worry about anything else apart from your racing, which means you can give more attention to your braking points and your position on the road - it's one important thing less to worry about.

I knocked nearly three seconds off my lap times - which is a mountainous leap. I'm so pleased with how it works, it really is a superb piece of kit and I'd recommend one to anyone"

Robin Daykin - Team "Past-it" 2010 Championship series winner

Why choose Sigma quality?
There are others on the market but, at HPS we've been selling Sigma clutches for almost a decade with complete reliability and we've never had a failed unit ...don't risk putting an cheap copy clutch inside your valuable engine!

All SIGMA Slipper Clutches supplied by HPS:

High-quality for extreme reliability
Sigma normally use standard and inexpensive clutch plates and springs - others often use expensive bespoke parts
Ball bearing lift mechanism - for a far smoother operation than standard fit plain-ramp slipper clutches
Automatic, self-adjusting slip, for the perfect feel and corner-entry balance
Durability proven by the highest-level race teams and long-distance road riders alike
Fully serviceable and spares are readily available, if ever required
Conform fully with the requirements of the FIM and BSB rule books
No internal adjustments required whatsoever when in use - just fit, feel the benefits, and forget!

Our range is constantly being increased so please call if your bike isn’t listed here as it may be becoming available shortly..

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