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Marchesini Forged Aluminium & Magnesium Motorcycle Wheels

Style, design and performance are the features that led Marchesini to achieve the leadership in the design and manufacture of light magnesium and aluminium alloy forged wheels for racing, road and Supermotard motorcycles.

Marchesini wheels have won all over the world with the greatest motorcycling champions, up to Valentino Rossi, the 2008 MotoGP world champion on his Yamaha, fitted out with the new 7-spoke Marchesini wheel.

For further facts and comparisons about the relative performance, durability and longevity benefits of Aluminium, Magnesium and Prepreg Carbon Fibre wheels, call us on 01773 83 11 22.


Marchesini Forge Aluminium Wheels

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Available in Gloss Black, Matt Black or Gold

Aluminium M10RS KOMPE (Street & Track)
Thirty years experience in manufacturing in light alloy wheels and an enviable series of successes: Marchesini quality meets the needs, in terms of cost, of all bike enthusiasts.

The M10RS Kompe is a forged aluminium 10-spoke wheel with the distinctive Y shape that has become a classic over the years.

Loved and desired by generations of bike enthusiasts, the M10RS Kompe is an example of a perfect balance between technological content, aesthetic appeal and cost which is well in line with what most riders can afford.

Single-sided rear from £1875.60 inc. VAT/pair
Dual-sided rear from £2116.80 inc. VAT/pair

Marchesini M7 RS Genesi Aluminium Wheels
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Available in Gloss Black, Matt Black or Gold




Aluminium M7RS - GENESI (Street & Track)
M7RS - GENESI is the new aluminium wheel developed by Marchesini - styled to match its twin-sister already produced in magnesium.

Even though these are not as light as the magnesium version, compared with your bike’s standard/OE aluminium wheels, the M7 RS Genesi can still normally achieve a reduction in weight.

Created by applying the latest, structural analysis and testing methods, the design reflects the outcome of continuous research and development aimed at improving production materials and technologies and, within the limitations of aluminium, Marchesini have produced a cosmetically attractive wheel.

Available for many of the most popular recent sport bikes and is packaged as a kit, complete of all accessories required for self-assembly
Manufactured using 3-D closed die forging, from plastically deformable aluminium alloy
With a typical weight of 8.4 Kg per set these wheels often provide a weight advantage over standard aluminium wheels
Legal for road use; sizes are front 3.50 x 17”, ear 5.50 – 6.00 x 17”AS
Available in glossy black, matt black, gold

Dual-sided rear from £2395 inc. VAT/pair

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Marchesini M10R Corse

Available in Gloss Black, Matt Black or Gold

Magnesium M10RS - CORSE (Street & Track)
M10R- CORSE is the wheel with which Marchesini first introduced forged Magnesium into world- class motorcycle competitions, and still today it is the choice of many top teams.

M10R - CORSE is for riders looking for maximum performance on the racing track or the best connection with the bike on the road, with an archetypal Marchesini design that has become the emblem of track racing.

It is a no-compromise product that exists for one reason alone: to be the best for everyone, from championship riders to biker enthusiasts.

M10R - CORSE is the product of Marchesini's lifetime of experience in the racing field, cutting edge design and structural analysis techniques, continual process of research & development into materials and manufacturing technologies, and the constant, in-depth control of every stage in the production process.

The multi-directional forging process, the high-resistance magnesium alloy from plastic deformation and pursuit of an optimized raw material geometry combine to make a material of superior mechanical properties from the outset, better than those of standard aluminum alloys, but weighing one third less.

M10R - CORSE wheels can weigh up to 45% less than the original set and cut inertia by about 30% for lightning-fast accelerations, faster handling in and out of bends, last-minute braking and better bike agility on any surface or condition, allowing the rider to make more efficient and easier use of high performing supersport bike running gears and suspensions and unleash the full power of a sports bike.

Single-sided rear from £3296.40 inc. VAT/pair
Dual-sided rear from £3699.40 inc. VAT/pair


Marchesini M7R Wheels
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Available in Gloss Black, Matt Black or Gold

Magnesium M7R - GENESI (Street & Track)
The GENESI road version has benefited from Marchesini's lengthy experience in the racing world, and was made using cutting edge design, structural analysis and testing methods.

It is the product of an ongoing process of research & development to improve materials and manufacturing technologies, and the constant, in-depth control of every stage in the production process.

The GENESI wheel was designed in close co-operation with top teams at the pinnacle of the racing world, and the entire design and engineering process was rolled out in pursuit of specific objectives:

The number of spokes was selected to guarantee maximum rigidity to the hub-rim connection, a even distribution of the radial load along the circumference of the rim and an overall lightweight structure
The section and shape of the spokes were designed to optimise rigidity of the wheel and thermo-fluid dynamic efficiency in use
Legal for road use
The use of a high-performing plastic deformation magnesium alloy normally used in aerospace applications, a high-precision, multi-directional, closed-die forging process, and special dedicated dies optimised for final wheel geometry produce a material of very high mechanical resistance

With GENESI design, Marchesini has broken yet new ground, paving the way for safe but aggressive performance with higher acceleration, shorter braking distances and more accurate and faster handling into bends.

Dual-sided rear from £4077.60 inc. VAT/pair


Marchesini Supermotard Wheels
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Available in Silver, Black or Gold


M10RR Kompe Motard

The beneficial alternative to wire spoked wheels...

Extensive experience gained over many years of producing forged aluminium components has enabled Marchesini to create these light - but extremely durable - ten-spoke wheels for SuperMoto/SuperMotards.

This latest generation of wheel is equipped for the most extreme demands of the sport and provides improved performance in this relatively new area of biking, an area that has now established itself on an international level.

Similar to the Kompe road wheel in design, the Kompe Motard has been revised at the design stage to enable the wheel to deliver the required strength combined with other crucial advantages compared to the more commonly used wire spoked wheels.

The key benefits are significantly improved rigidity, combined with weight reduction - which lowers the inertia of the wheels to deliver better acceleration, braking and turning.

Of equal importance to most riders, though, is that this wheel also enables the use of tubeless tyres - assuring a further weight reduction compared to standard wheels, and a much reduced puncture risk.
It's easy to see why these characteristics have enabled users of these wheels to have won leading national Supermoto championships many times over!

...Kompe Supermotard, unique in its kind.

From £2186.40 inc. VAT/pair

HPS supplies all Marchesini Motorbike Wheels ready to fit (after mounting discs, tyres and sprocket), and we include a new sprocket carrier and cush drive with all dual-sided rear wheels.

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