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Galespeed motorcycle wheels

GaleSpeed Forged Aluminium & Magnesium Motorcycle Wheels

Physics shows the heavier the object, the more energy is needed to move it. Physics also shows that the heavier the travelling object, the more effort and energy is required to stop it.

So, for motorcycles, weight saving - when made in the right place - can dramatically enhance your bike's handling and performance - translating into less energy needed for steering, better handling, better braking and better acceleration too.

Designed, forged and CNC machined for enhance durability to the highest quality levels in Japan, Gale speed wheels satisfy the motorcycle enthusiast who seeks the performance levels delivered by saving not only vital unsprung weight but also - and more importantly - by reducing gyroscopic and rotational inertia.

HPS supplies GaleSpeed Wheels as ready to fit direct replacements - after mounting your discs and tyres - and we always include:

• All Required Spacers & Bearings Pre-Installed
• Sprocket Carrier
• Cush Drive
• Rear Sprocket (Standard, or your choice of size).

High Quality Japanese Wheels


galespeed wheels


Type-C, 5 Spoke Forged Aluminium - Road & Race
Born on the road racing circuits of Japan, Type-C is a 17 inch aluminium wheel which combines great style and strength with state-of-the-art race engineering.

Combining technologies used in racing to create an attractive aerodynamic wheel, the hot forged method of manufacture allows for a thinner walled construction, which effectively reduces weight but which is still more than strong enough for use on all types of roads and conditions.

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Type-R, 10 Spoke Forged Aluminium - Road & Race
Born to pursue the ideal of the finest motorcycle aluminium wheel, its 17 inch ten-spoke design has given the Type-R a distinct advantage by reducing its weight by 10% compared with Type-C.

This wheel's stunning style has grabbed the imagination of riders, and with this superior design and the enhanced performance it delivers, has increased its reach from the road into high-level racing too.

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galespeed wheels black 15 spoke



Type-S - 15 Spoke Forged Aluminium - Road & Race
Type-S is the newest and the lightest forged aluminium wheel in the Galespeed range. Suitable for both race and road use, the wider 15-spoke design gives a higher rigidity for enhanced cornering preciseness.

Complying with Japanese JWL and German TUV industrial standards, Type-S is available in front 3.5 x 17-inch and rear: 5.5 x 17-inch or 6.0 x 17-inch sizes.

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Type-M - 10 Spoke Forged Magnesium - Race Only
High-end model Type-M wheels are for racing only and not for road use. Identical to type-R in style, but with the rim, spoke and hub redesigned for manufacture in Magnesium to further save weight and enhance performance for the track.

Used by world championship teams, Type-M comes in front 3.5 x 17-inch and rear 6.0 x 17-inch applications to fit Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki and Ducati.

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HPS supplies all GaleSpeed Wheels ready to fit (after mounting discs, tyres and sprocket), and we include a new sprocket carrier and cush drive with all dual-sided rear wheels.

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