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High Quality Braking System Components



ISR Brakes was founded in 1968 as a manufacturer of high quality motorcycle parts, manufacturing their first master cylinder way back in 1972. Since then, their acquired experience has allowed them to refine and improve their products to the point where we believe their features, functionality and quality are second to none.

During ISR’s history they have produced the first billet aluminium calipers, won the World Endurance Championship and seen their calipers used on GP bikes at the pinnacle of motorcycle sport.

We know ISR produce a product you can put your braking confidence in too.

ISR and the world's most powerful luxury production bike...

The Bienville Legacy is the much-anticipated follow up to J.T. Nesbitt’s Confederate Wraith featuring ISR radial-mount calipers, discs and master cylinders.

Swedish Kawasaki ZRX1100 Special

"ISR have been building frames and brake calipers in Tumba, Sweden since 1968 and have even supplied calipers to Kenny Roberts' 1991 500GP team."

Twin ISR 6-piston calipers grip 320mm ISR discs and are powered by an ISR radial master cylinder.

Rear Caliper is a 4-piston ISR radial unit with a 210mm disc from ISR.

Performance Bikes Magazine

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"It took some time but finally my VALTORÓN custom bike "LaBulla 1600" is completed and was presented to the public during the BMW Motorrad Days two weeks ago in Garmisch (Bavaria)! Please find picture enclosed (from left to right: Pablo Delgado (VLATORÓN), Ola Stenegard (Head of vehicle design at BMW), Pablo Delgado (VALTORÓN) and myself). The Delgado brothers really did a great job, didn't they?

Before Garmisch I took LaBulla on a rough 2.300km "test" drive from Madrid back to Germany. It was such a great time and the feedback from the people I've met was overwhelming.

Often they can't believe that this was once a K1600GT"
Jens Kallweit

A Classic Reborn with the help of ISR

This 21st century take on a classic BSA A65 Lightning was built using the highest quality components including...

• ISR 6 Piston Monobloc Front Caliper
• ISR 2 Piston Rear Caliper
• ISR Fully-Floating Front Brake Discs
• ISR Rear Brake Disc
• ISR Integral Front Brake Master Cylinder.
• ISR Cable Clutch Assembly

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"God damn these are the best motorcycle brakes I ever tried"

Brad Pitt - Custom Ecosse Titanium Series XX with ISR Brakes

ISR - The Hollywood Connection

Tom Cruise Confederate Hellcat

David Beckham Confederate Hellcat

David Beckham on BST Carbon Fibre Wheels

Tom Cruise (above) and David Beckham (right) proudly riding their ISR equipped Confederate Hellcats.

Norton MM Commando with ISR Brakes

ISR Master Cylinders and switches were chosen for the Norton MM project by 72 Motorcycles, based on a 1970s Norton Flat Tracker.

Norton MM with ISR Master Cylinders

Norton Commando and ISR Brakes

ISR used for BMW Concepts

MCN Super-light GSX-R feature

P3 Unlimited managed to save a massive 45Kg from this Suzuki GSX-R600 with the help of ISR Master Cylinder and Calipers.


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Norton choose ISR Brakes for TT Challenger
Norton have chosen a complete ISR front and rear braking set up - including 130mm Six-Piston Radial Monoblock Calipers and 320mm Fully-Floating Disc Brakes - for their two 2013 IOM Senior TT challenge bikes.

"Diving into the Old Hairpin it's time to hit the brakes. The new, Swedish made six-piston ISR calipers are sensitive enough for me to brush the lever and scrub off speed, but they also offer huge stopping power when I need it at the end of the back straight."

"Down into the new, fast Roberts chicane the massive ISR six-pot calipers get a firm grasp of the twin 320mm ISR discs and haul things down quickly. They're so powerful I could have braked halfway between my marker and the corner."

Adam Child's 23-05-13 MCN track test of the new Norton Senior TT challenge bikes, both of which features a complete ISR front and rear braking system; including:

  • Front (six-piston) and rear (four-piston) Billet Aluminium Monobloc Calipers

  • Fully-floating twin front and one-piece rear High Carbon Steel Discs

  • Front and rear Billet Aluminium Master Cylinders (front is Radial Type with Adjustable Ratio)

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Hi-Tech Moto2 bike announced with ISR Brakes

ISR Monoblock 108mm 6-Piston Calipers.
ISR Fully-Floating High Carbon Steel Drilled Discs.

ISR Monoblock 4-Piston Caliper

"It feels great. Six-piston ISR brakes plus bugger-all weight to pull up equals GP levels of stopping power".

Shawn Fontana - Moto2

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