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High Quality Braking System Components

ISR Brakes was founded in 1968 as a manufacturer of high quality motorcycle parts, manufacturing their first master cylinder way back in 1972. Since then, their acquired experience has allowed them to refine and improve their products to the point where we believe their features, functionality and quality are second to none.

During ISR’s history they have produced the first billet aluminium calipers, won the World Endurance Championship and seen their calipers used on GP bikes at the pinnacle of motorcycle sport.

We know ISR produce a product you can put your braking confidence in too.

ISR Brake Master Cylinder

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Radial Brake and Clutch Master Cylinder
This fully adjustable radial master cylinder, is more efficient than a conventionally configured unit, giving increased power and better braking feel which - due to its adjustable leverage ratio and span/reach - can be "tailored" to each rider's individual needs.

The separate leverage ratio and span/reach adjustments are easily accessible (no tools are needed) and can even be changed while riding the bike.

Constructed using different "modules", it allows for various parts to be swapped (for example after crash damage) without having to strip/bleed the entire system and the two piece design makes lever replacement a mere 20 second operation.

The design also has the unique benefit of being interchangeable for brake or clutch use (permitting matching levers and reduced spares requirements for race teams). This is achieved by the quickly detachable lever pivot mechanism being separate from the cylinder, meaning it can be rotated and switched between clutch and brake operation quickly and easily.

Alternatively, a complete matching Cable Clutch Lever Assembly is available - see below.

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Adjustable leverage ratio
Span/reach adjustable lever with comfortable profile
Integral nipple for rapid bleeding after assembly/servicing
Clear anodised, corrosion resistant finish
Can be configured as a brake or clutch master cylinder
434g – complete, without reservoir
Uses same lever as Cable Clutch
Option for integral fluid reservoir – at extra cost
Ready to connect to your bike’s standard/original or optional remote fluid reservoir - available below (separate/bike’s original reservoir mounting bracket required)

Can be supplied with optional single or double brake line banjo bolt and washers - with integral hydraulic brake light switch for road/street bikes.

Large range available
ISR Brakes Master Cylinder

Cable Clutch Lever Assembly
For those who fit an ISR Brake Master Cylinder and want a matching clutch lever unit or for those who simply need to adjust the span of their cable clutch lever – this is THE product.

Takes standard 3.5mm clutch cables
Adjustable lever reach
Clear anodised, corrosion resistant finish
275g - complete
Matches ISR hydraulic master cylinders and uses same levers

Large range available
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When ordering for a road/street bike, don’t forget to include a banjo-bolt with an integral hydraulic brake light switch if your bike’s original master cylinder has a mechanical switch which will be removed when you change over.

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