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EBC GPFAX Race Only Brake Pads for Kawasaki

GPFAX EBC Sintered Compound Kawasaki Front Brake Pads for Track Use (2x Bike Sets with a 25% discount)

GPFAX EBC Sintered Compound Kawasaki Front Brake Pads for Track Use (2x Bike Sets with a 25% discount)


25% off and a money back guarantee when you buy two bike sets

After years of research and development, the world's largest motorcycle brake pad manufacturer - EBC- introduce this totally new breakthrough compound which outperforms all track-only pads ever tested by the HPS team.

  • Instant unbeatable stopping power - even from cold
  • Extreme high temperature fade resistance
  • Superb feel and feedback at the brake lever
  • Compatible with original or aftermarket steel discs
  • Fully pre-launch tested by racers and track riders of all skill levels
  • Quickly usable - minimal bedding in process required
  • Lowest pad wear and disc rotor abrasion levels
  • Minimum in-stop friction/retardation variation

"These things are brilliant. ...the level of feedback is what I consider to be optimum, simply vary the lever pressure until the front tyre and fork springs push into the ground the required amount. So that's 10/10 for feel. Retardation is so good, I have been able to go back to the Wavy discs which, with less surface area, still stop just great... and the Wavys are a good chunk lighter.

Their performance when cold and when warming up is less than when up to temperature, but the brakes remain safe and consistent system with nothing untoward that could catch out the unwary and no special care seems needed, which is absolutely not the case with other pads.

EBC GPFAX is the choice of 2014".

Andy Carlile, Nürburgring Nordschleife lap record holder

"GPFAX is very good in all conditions: wet, hot, cold disk (first braking out of garage) all very good... Running them on my ZX10R race and Busa."

Carlos76, forum
Kawasaki ZX-10R

"I took the Brembo Z04 pads out of my 199bhp ZX10 for Aragon and replaced them with the EBC GPFAX pads to try out…. So much more feedback than I had been getting from the Brembo's. They might not last as long but when you are slowing from 170 down to 90 in 250 metres to tip it in, you want feedback."

Fleegle, forum
Kawasaki ZX-10R

"Been running these for 2 years now. Next best Pad to the Z04 (and hugely cheaper), so unless you are BSB Superstock pace or better then they're the only choice imho."

Kawasaki ZX-10R

"Been using these pads since September last year and as said previously you won't be dissatisfied with the performance. They are a sintered race pad that gives excellent initial bite in cold or wet they don't fade and wear rates for racing are very good.

I as others used another manufacturers carbon pads and was shocked at how they looked after a wet race the pad edges crumbled and with heat being the major factor in their popularity you were on the back foot straight away in wet or damp conditions. A word of warning to anyone trying these after carbon pads you must clean the carbon dust from your discs with a brake cleaner and some steel wool or scotchbrite pads otherwise you're not getting full benefit of a fantastic product from EBC.

Why wait get a set plus another free makes them cheaper than those carbon dry day only cr*p."

Kawasaki 2013 ZX-10R

"Fantastic pads. I've fitted them to both my ZX10R and R1. Prefer them to the Brembo Z04."

AR, Bristol
ZX-10R & YZF-R1

The high friction levels delivered by this compound is for use with race tyres only on closed circuits. It is unsuitable for street/low adhesion road surfaces and will invalidate road insurance as NOT ECE R 90 approved nor TUV tested with German ABE making use on the public highway illegal in many countries.

If you don't think these are the best race/track pads you've used, return your used set with the unused packaged second set for a full refund - excluding postage.

These are not to be confused with EBC's regular Road Performance ‘Double-H’ or GPFA Race pads.

Click here for Dyno Graph and technical info

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Please choose your bike - price shown is for complete front axle set (2 calipers)...

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Read the GPFAX EBC Sintered Compound Kawasaki Front Brake Pads for Track Use (2x Bike Sets with a 25% discount) Reviews...
(Overall Rating: 10 out of 10)

Excellent advice always given
Always got what I need!
AJ - Kawasaki ZX10R 2011

Motul Brake Clean Contact Cleaner  (400ml)

Motul Brake Clean Contact Cleaner (400ml)

Ref: u54267

Super powerful non-chlorinated degreaser for brakes, mechanical system and electrics

Type of Use
Brakes and clutches
Brake and clutch pad residue.

All mechanical parts and systems
Engine dismantling, levers, axes of brake, clutch mechanisms and shock absorbers, chain stops and adjusters, felloes, oil, grease, tar residue.

Electrical circuits
Electrics, plugs, suppressors.

Plastics, paintwork, varnish.
Grand Prix and Superbike teams also use Motul Brake CLEANER to swifty remove, rubber and tar residue on the fairing.

Dissolves oil, grease and tar. Leaves no marks. No need to rub.

Evaporates very quickly leaving no marks.

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