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Ventilated Pistons

BrakeTech Ventilated Caliper Racing Pistons (Complete Front Axle Set)

BrakeTech Ventilated Caliper Racing Pistons (Complete Front Axle Set)


Recent OE/Original Equipment calipers have come a long way in terms of both performance and design.

Far more rigid than their predecessors, the current generations from Brembo, Nissin, Sumitomo, Tokico and others are ultra-stiff and relatively lightweight designs which have been instrumental in elevating stock braking performance to new levels.

But, unfortunately, they’re still using problematic Aluminum pistons – lightweight, yes, but also highly conductive in providing a huge heat path straight into the hydraulics.

BrakeTech has now addressed this with these precision engineered ventilated Stainless Steel pistons of proprietary material - which feature a 12 ventilation holes and a unique castellated reverse chamber for increased fluid capacity - that all but eliminate those shortcomings.

"I was racing at Donington Park at the weekend and finally got some dry laps to give the brakes a hammering!

Must say Im very impressed with your ventilated pistons - on the National Circuit there are two heavy braking areas close together and with the alloy pistons fitted there is a noticeable drop in braking power at the second braking zone (as the heat is still built-up in the pistons etc). With yours fitted I can get full braking power as the pistons have recovered and ready to do their job. Plus when I get back in the pits and put the tyre warmers back on - theres no binding of the calipers (like there is with the alloy pistons).

I showed the pistons to a few of my racing buddies and they were impressed."

BH, Derbyshire

  • 94% thermal conductivity reduction with
  • 12 Ventilation Holes and...
  • Reverse Chamber to eliminate race brake fluid boil
  • Surface finish dramatically improves piston retraction to...
  • Reduce brake drag, increase top speed, and...
  • Improve release time for greater control exiting the apex
  • Enhanced overall braking consistency under severe race conditions

Note: We recommend replacing piston seals when installing.

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