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BMW S1000RR HP4 2012> Onwards

BST Carbon Fibre Wheels for BMW S1000RR HP4 2012> onwards - Road & Race

BST Carbon Fibre Wheels for BMW S1000RR HP4 2012> onwards - Road & Race


The BEST modification you will ever make
...a set of BST Wheels is the easiest and most beneficial all-round performance modification you can make to your bike.

Simply fit your standard discs and tyres, install your wheels and you're away.

Included from HPS with your direct replacement BST Wheels:

  • All Required Spacers & Bearings pre-installed
  • New Front Disc Carriers to mount your standard discs
  • CNC-Machined Sprocket Carrier & Cush Drive
  • Rear Sprocket (standard/stock, or your choice of alternative size and chain pitch)

"Ive got to say these carbon wheels are FREAKIN AMAZING MAN!

Ive had Marchesinis, PVMs, OZ Racing wheels, over the years Ive had loads and Ive never felt any difference with the other makes, they were just nice looking wheels, but these Carbon ones, Holy Crumbs, its frightening, absolutely frightening the difference they make."

SA, Kent
BMW S1000RR 2011

"I'm now on my 2nd pair of BST's, had them on my Panigale and now have a pair fitted to my HP4, the best upgrade money can buy."

Chris Bassam,

"The S1000RR has been transformed more than I’d imagined it would be. It’s incredible. That first ride after fitting them was radical."

"The impact on cornering is far greater than you’d imagine without experiencing it. That initial nudge of counter-steering drops the bike into the corner with such speed and efficiency"

"The reduction in the bike’s weight, and the effective weight of the spinning mass hanging off your suzzies , means that you can brake later with the same effort for the same result. You can also get on the gas faster and harder. With less inertia to overcome, the engine doesn’t have to work as hard to accelerate the rear wheel. There’s a couple of kilos less bike to move, too."

"You’re going faster everywhere, even if you only ever hit the same top speeds, because your average speed increases by virtue of being faster into, through, and out of every corner. You accelerate faster in a straight line, and brake in a shorter distance. It’s like having stronger brakes and another 15bhp."

"We’ve done two back-to-back tests to prove the difference in the past, once at Donington, once at Castle Combe. In both tests we empirically demonstrated the benefits everywhere – not least noting dramatic drops in overall lap times.

While the benefits of many modifications are governed by taste and opinion, there are no arguments against the gains you get from BSTs. Yes, they’re a lot of money, but if you’re serious about wanting a genuine performance upgrade, then leave all the shiny bits on the shelf, and make a set of these your only mod. "

Moby, Staff Bikes Feature - FastBikes Magazine
BMW S1000RR - Download the full article

BST wheels are now the standard against which all others are judged for strength, durability and lightness, for both road and race use. Manufactured in a single moulding operation using a unique aerospace process to produce a wheel that's far stronger than any standard or magnesium wheel - but much lighter too - with BST you can be sure you'll have a product which is the result of decades of research, development, testing and certification by industry bodies, including TUV.

Offering outstanding performance and safety benefits - there's simply no other choice.

Key Benefits:
  • Strongest, Lightest & Most Durable Wheels available
  • Massive Performance & Handling Benefits
  • Typically Save between 2 to 6 Seconds on an average length lap
  • Gain Grip, Tyre Life, Acceleration and Improved Braking Performance
  • Your Bike will handle more easily with much faster turning into corners
  • Absolutely no suspension modifications or adjustments whatsoever required
  • By far the cheapest performance upgrade in pounds spent per performance gain
  • And, they look absolutely fantastic too!
  • Now also available in a Satin Matt finish and a choice of Candy Coloured finishes
  • Full 2-year warranty for complete peace of mind (excluding consumables)

All-new 'generic' seven spoke rear
  • Designed to be interchangeable on late/newer/upcoming bikes with suitable dual-sided swing arm...via detachable disc carrier, and varying width sprocket carriers
  • Ultra light design with minimal metal, as cush rubbers drive straight into the high-density carbon fibre hub
Optional Ceramic Bearings
Ceramic bearings are an extra cost option - supplied as a set of five. Our Hybrid Ceramic Bearings incorporate the highest-quality metal races, encasing very tough and extremely durable and corrosion free ceramic balls, to provide the following extensive benefits when compared with regular steel:
  • 40% less friction generated
  • 60% less rotating mass
  • 3-5 times longer lifespan
  • Lower vibration levels
  • Cooler, quieter & smoother running
Click here to see a video of a BST wheel spinning on ceramic bearings.

Please note the intensity of the colours varies significantly with lighting conditions and the colour only becomes apparent in brighter light.

Low Rate Finance Available – Click Here For Details

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Tick to add Ceramic Bearings (complete set of 5) @ £448.00 Inc. VAT
Tick to add Titanium Drive Pins @ 80.00 Inc. VAT
Tick to add Titanium Sprocket Nuts @ 33.60 Inc. VAT
Add a Front ABS Sensor Ring with bolts for 60.61 inc. VAT
Add a Rear ABS Sensor Ring for 32.51 inc. VAT
Tick to add a pair of Heavy Duty Wheel Bags @ £129.96 Inc. VAT (UK orders only)

(Optional delivery charges calculated before checkout, depending on destination & service)

Heavy Duty Motorcycle Race Padded Wheel & Tyre Bags (Pair)

Heavy Duty Motorcycle Race Padded Wheel & Tyre Bags (Pair)

Ref: 60523

Protect Your Expensive Wheels & Discs - For Less Than the Price of a Tyre!

Professional Cordura Foam Cell Padded Heavy Duty Motorcycle Race Wheels Transport & Storage Bags, made in the UK.

Transporting and storing spare pairs of complete motorcycle wheels (with discs and tyres, etc., installed) has always been a problem.

They can be heavy, are often dirty and they can fall and/or roll around in your van/vehicle, often suffering expensive damage or causing damage to your bike.

So... for less than the price of a front tyre ...HPS now has the solution for you with our ultra heavy duty, padded wheel and tyre transport bags.

"Top quality these wheel bags masses of room left. These are for a set of wets for my minitwin but they would easily take my Hayabusa wheels. When I need new tyres I will throw them in the back of the car in these beauties."

DM, Derbyshire

  • Made in the UK from durable materials for heavy duty use
  • Designed for 17" diameter Superbike and Supersport race and road tyre widths
  • Genuine 1000d Grade Cordura Nylon high-tenacity and very durable outer fabric
  • Black fluid-repellant treated surface assists keeping your bags looking clean and resisting staining
  • Strong, ergonomic and grippy moulded rubber handles for easiest movement and comfort whilst carrying
  • 10mm thick high-density closed cell foam padding to protect your rims and discs
  • Heavy duty No.10 Nylon Zip with twin sliders to enable padlock use
  • Clear PVC 150mm x 65mm pocket to enable you to label your bags
  • Highly developed and thoroughly tested solution

PLEASE NOTE: We ship wheels worldwide but, because of their additional size, we regret that we are normally only able to supply wheel bags for delivery in the UK - Contact us for further details

Price:108.30 (129.96 Inc. UK Inc. VAT at 20%)

(Optional delivery charges calculated before checkout, depending on destination & service)

Read the Heavy Duty Motorcycle Race Padded Wheel & Tyre Bags (Pair) Reviews...
(Overall Rating: 10 out of 10)

5 star service excellent quality

Gavin - Lincoln

Fast delivery and as described. Thank you

Andrew - Berkshire

Quick delivery well packed

MA - London


PT - Yamaha YZF-R6 2010