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BMW R nineT Urban G/S 2017> Onwards

BST Carbon Fibre 7 Spoke Panther TEK Motorcycle Wheels for BMW R nineT Urban G/S 2017> onwards - Road & Race

BST Carbon Fibre 7 Spoke Panther TEK Motorcycle Wheels for BMW R nineT Urban G/S 2017> onwards - Road & Race


The BEST modification you will ever make
...a set of BST Wheels is the easiest and most beneficial all-round performance modification you can make to your bike.

Simply fit your standard discs and tyres, install your wheels and you're away.

Included from HPS with your direct replacement BST Wheels:

  • All Required Spacers
  • Bearings pre-installed
  • New Front Disc Carriers
BST wheels are now the standard against which all others are judged for strength, durability and lightness, for both road and race use. Manufactured in a single moulding operation using a unique aerospace process to produce a wheel that's far stronger than any standard or magnesium wheel - but much lighter too - with BST you can be sure you'll have a product which is the result of decades of research, development, testing and certification by industry bodies, including TUV.

"First I will share that yes there's nothing sexier than Carbon Fibre, but after racing professionally for a third of my life, I dig functionality equally if not more than the sexy look.

BST Carbon Fibre wheels are the most advanced and strongest CF wheels on the market. If you do not think I had reservations running them at Daytona during my first year of sponsorship, think again …207 rear wheel horsepower on our BMW S 1000 RR, woven together wheels, and banking at Daytona! The novelty still has not worn off in regards to the toughness of these wheels in real world street conditions and on the track (I cartwheeled a set [of them] and still race on them [the same set]).

I want to share that our RnineTs are beyond nimble and very acute in their handling. They handle so well that it's OK to have bad body position "at speed". The BST carbon Fibre wheels have always allowed the less gyroscopic weight to make directions changes super simple, but more importantly the acceleration and over extended periods at a high rate of speed or a long day riding (over a tankful of riding) they minimise fatigue.

The BST rear wheel's 6in. width allows the super sticky round profile [tyres like the] Pirelli Supercorsa SP V2's and also on the front. The fitment chart allowed us to save a lot of time due to the rotor spacing for current BMW models. The BMW R1200S that I won the National ASRA Pro Thunderbike Championship on accepts these wheels.

I like the 200/55 rear over the stock as it gave me a bit taller diameter and helping lengthen the gearing in the final drive. It also made the RnineT a bit more neutral and not overly precise while "flicking"/turn in. The BST's also allow The RnineT to really accelerate quite a bit quicker and what's really cool is we weighed the stock 5.5" rear wheel (sorry, but not the front due to losing shop time) with the tubed tyre 180/55-17 Conti Attacks and they came in at 33 lbs. Our BST Carbon Fibre 6" rear wheel with Pirelli V2 Supercorsa SP's 200/55-17 weighed in at 23 lbs [i.e. 10lbs less on just the rear]!

Instantly I could not wait to feel them rolling. The best upgrade to any motorcycle! Especially heavier motorcycles. "

Nathan Kern, BMW Motorrad USA, Official RR Ambassador
BMW RnineT

Offering outstanding performance and safety benefits - there's simply no other choice.

Key Benefits:
  • Strongest, Lightest & Most Durable Wheels available
  • Massive Performance & Handling Benefits
  • Gain Grip, Tyre Life, Acceleration and Improved Braking Performance
  • Your Bike will handle more easily with much faster turning into corners
  • Absolutely no suspension modifications or adjustments whatsoever required
  • By far the cheapest performance upgrade in pounds spent per performance gain
  • And, they look absolutely fantastic too!
  • Now also available in a Satin Matt finish and a choice of Candy Coloured finishes
Optional Ceramic Bearings
Ceramic bearings are an extra cost option - supplied as a set of two for front wheel only (no bearings in the rear wheel). Our Hybrid Ceramic Bearings incorporate the highest-quality metal races, encasing very tough and extremely durable and corrosion free ceramic balls, to provide the following extensive benefits when compared with regular steel:
  • 40% less friction generated
  • 60% less rotating mass
  • 3-5 times longer lifespan
  • Lower vibration levels
  • Cooler, quieter & smoother running
Click here to see a video of a BST wheel spinning on ceramic bearings.

*Please Note: Rear wheel bolts. The BST rear wheel requires the shorter BMW 40mm bolts (BMW part no. 36317673903 - 5 required - as used with the BMW One-Piece Alloy Wheels). If your bike has the OE BMW Wire Spoked Wheels with 53mm bolts, they will need to be replaced. You can add these by ticking the option below.

Choose from a range of optional coloured finishes at HPS...

Please note the intensity of the colours varies significantly with lighting conditions and the colour only becomes apparent in brighter light.

More Information

Choose a Colour for your wheel

Choose a finish for your wheels

Tick to add Ceramic Bearings (complete set of 2) @ £168.00 Inc. VAT
Tick to add 5x BMW Rear Wheel Bolts (36317673903) @ £22.74 inc. VAT

Price:3,147.50 (3,777.00 Including UK VAT at 20%)

(Shipping costs calculated before checkout and 20% UK VAT/tax will be removed for non-UK destinations)

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