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Aprilia RS250 1998-2003

BST Carbon Fibre 5 Spoke Wheels for Aprilia RS250 1998-2003 (and 1995-1997, see note) - Road & Race

BST Carbon Fibre 5 Spoke Wheels for Aprilia RS250 1998-2003 (and 1995-1997, see note) - Road & Race

Ref: BSTRS250

The BEST modification you will ever make
...a set of BST Wheels is the easiest and most beneficial all-round performance modification you can make to your bike.

Simply fit your standard discs and tyres, install your wheels and you're away.

Included from HPS with your direct replacement BST Wheels:

  • All Required Spacers & Bearings pre-installed
  • CNC-Machined Sprocket Carrier
  • Cush Drive & Drive Pins
  • Rear Sprocket (standard/stock, or your choice of alternative size and chain pitch)

BST wheels are now the standard against which all others are judged for strength, durability and lightness, for both road and race use. Manufactured in a single moulding operation using a unique aerospace process to produce a wheel that's far stronger than any standard or magnesium wheel - but much lighter too - with BST you can be sure you'll have a product which is the result of decades of research, development, testing and certification by industry bodies, including TUV.

"The wheels were the last thing I changed and they should have been the first. Theyre very light, not far off half the weight of the originals. When youre flip-flopping through tight bends its like someones helping you."

Dave Bimson, Performance Bikes Magazine Oct 2014 article
Modified RS250

"I took it for the first ride up my favourite mountain (Mt Glorious, west of Brisbane. Having not been riding for quite some time, I took it fairly easy, but could instantly feel what you claim the wheels do to the bike. It's like it had power steering in a car, plus the acceleration and braking was remarkably improved beyond doubt (wheelying by itself in the low gears and stopping even easier than before)...

...Anyway, this is a bit of a long winded thank you, but I can't describe how happy I am with your wheels.

I took it for a second ride with the wheels, knowing it was definitely all good now. It was the weirdest thing. I tried to go slow, but the bike rode itself faster somehow. I usually go easy on the way through the mountain (checking conditions, accidents, debris, water etc) and then come back through at a decent pace, if all is good. I stopped at the back of the mountain and my tyres were already scrubbed right to the edge, front and back, and I didn't feel like I had pushed it much at all. I was amazed. Having felt very satisfied, I decided not to push it much on the way back. Somehow all the other bikes up there seemed to be going extra slow, it took no effort to pass anyone safely and quickly, all of them bigger cc bikes.

The areas that the RS250 suffers, is in really tight, steep, uphill corners where it is too close to redline in 1st gear and to below powerband in 2nd, for example. I geared it down with front and rear sprockets and this improved it somewhat, but still an issue since you basically have to enter the corner at unsafely high speed in 2nd if you want to have any sort of acceleration on the steep uphill exit, or it just bogs down or takes forever to start accelerating( fanning the clutch makes it wheelie at those angles and I don't wheelie well. Now the bike can do whatever you want it to in those corners. Not only does it go through the corner faster anyway, but it accelerates easily up the hills. Changing/holding line in any part of the corner is no issue at all. This used to take lots of mental fortitude (for me anyway).

The many downhill, off camber, decreasing radius, double apex, blind, bumpy corners, that used to inspire fear in me, now are replaced by balance, confidence, and control. Most people are very intimidated by these (normal folk, I mean). I always try to get these corners done right, and rarely succeed in "nailing it", so to speak. Not anymore, the bike rode itself around them. I was ecstatic and kept telling myself not to get carried away in the moment, and didn't. No loss of grip, no crossing centerlines, easily avoiding random gravel and road debris...

...So, in conclusion, these wheels have made the bike into a perfect motorcycle. It seemed like a crazy spend at first, but I couldn't ignore the claims on your site, and the other testimonies on forums. The wheels have done everything you claimed and much more. I will never sell this bike and I don't want a litre bike ( I have ridden many different bikes, during my time as a motorcycle salesman, on road and track, plus having owned a few).

This is the most engaging, satisfying, surprising little machine I have ever come across and the wheels have eliminated anything that it ever lacked. They actually cost me more than I paid for the bike, but I have zero regrets. I see Aprilia RS250's are fetching 20K dollars in Australia these days though, making the investment totally justifiable.

A genuine, massive thank you to you and your company for not wasting my money and fixing everything!"

MH, Australia
Aprilia RS250

Offering outstanding performance and safety benefits - there's simply no other choice.

Key Benefits:
  • Strongest, Lightest & Most Durable Wheels available
  • Massive Performance & Handling Benefits
  • Typically Save between 2 to 6 Seconds on an average length lap
  • Gain Grip, Tyre Life, Acceleration and Improved Braking Performance
  • Your Bike will handle more easily with much faster turning into corners
  • Absolutely no suspension modifications or adjustments whatsoever required
  • By far the cheapest performance upgrade in pounds spent per performance gain
  • And, they look absolutely fantastic too!
  • Now also available in a Satin Matt finish and a choice of Candy Coloured finishes
Wheel sizes available:
3.50" x 17" (Standard)
3.75" x 17"

4.50" x 17" (Standard)
5.00" x 17"
5.50" x 17"

1995-1997 Note: The RS250 was produced in two versions; 1995-97 with front wheel cable driven speedometer and 20mm axle/spindle, and 1998 onwards with electrical speedometer and 25mm axle/spindle. The BST front wheel is designed for the later bike but can be easily installed in the earlier version by you producing your own 20mm bearing sleeves/spacers and arranging for a supplementary speedometer (rear wheels are the same for all both models). Please contact us if you need any further information.

Optional Ceramic Bearings
Ceramic bearings are an extra cost option - supplied as a set of five. Our Hybrid Ceramic Bearings incorporate the highest-quality metal races, encasing very tough and extremely durable and corrosion free ceramic balls, to provide the following extensive benefits when compared with regular steel:
  • 40% less friction generated
  • 60% less rotating mass
  • 3-5 times longer lifespan
  • Lower vibration levels
  • Cooler, quieter & smoother running
Click here to see a video of a BST wheel spinning on ceramic bearings.

Choose from a range of optional coloured finishes at HPS...

Please note the intensity of the colours varies significantly with lighting conditions and the colour only becomes apparent in brighter light.

More Information

Choose Front Wheel Size

Choose Rear Wheel Size

Choose a Colour for your wheel

Choose a finish for your wheels

Tick to add Ceramic Bearings (complete set of 5) @ £448.00 Inc. VAT
Tick to add Titanium Drive Pins @ 80.00 Inc. VAT
Tick to add Titanium Sprocket Nuts @ 33.60 Inc. VAT
Tick to add an Ultralight CeraCarbon Sprocket for even greater weight savings @ 359.89 inc. VAT

Price:2,881.50 (3,457.80 Including UK VAT at 20%)

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