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MRA Motorcycle Windshields
MotoGP and World SBK
mra motorcycle screens
Double-Bubble Racing Screens from MRA   
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MRA at the Macau Grand Prix

MRA, the Original Creator of the Double-Bubble Racing Screen

You’ll know high-speed wind blast is a pain, but a remedy is at hand with our high-quality MRA motorcycle screens, which not only reduce drag but enhance your bike’s appearance too.

The World’s First...
In 1994 MRA showed the World’s first “Double-Bubble” racing screen at the international motorcycle trade fair, IFMA, in Cologne.

This, then unique screen type, had been developed by MRA at the request of leading race teams who were looking for a way of reducing air resistance and drag when their riders wanted to “tuck in” their upper torso and helmet behind their bike’s screen, to increase top speeds.

...and the World’s Champions
Subsequently, renowned world level winners and champions - including Tom Sykes, Scott Redding, Esteve Rabat, Max Biaggi, Loris Capirossi, Alex Barros, Carlos Checa, Andrew Pitt, Gary McCoy, Ralf Waldmann, Nobby Ueda and many others over the years - have had Grand Prix victories up to Grand Prix level and won national and World Championships on bikes equipped with MRA Double-Bubble Racing screens and many other screen makers have now tried to imitate MRA’s original and groundbreaking concept.

mra motorbike screens
The next generation
However, ideas in racing do not stand still and no matter how successful improvements are on the racetrack, they do not always translate to the open road without some modification. During development for some of the latest models of bikes with more angular and pointed fairings, the original Double-Bubble round dome was being found to have a less beneficial effect on riding stability, causing lift at top speeds. The screen shape could also cause air turbulence that tugged the rider’s helmet to and fro unless the rider kept hunched down right behind the screen.

MRA Screens chosen by TT Marshalls
When the Travelling Marshall’s for the TT tested their new Fireblades they found the wind blast was far too harsh too, so we were proud to have been asked to supply the perfect solution for them which came in the form of our MRA Double-Bubble Racing screen...

TT Masrshalls using MRA Screens
2018 Isle of Man TT Marshalls

MRA and Marc VDS

The benefits

Thus, the latest generation of Double-Bubble Racing Motorbike Screens from MRA come with a very different dome design that is flattened at the top on models where it has been found to be beneficial; so, instead of creating lift, it tends to pull the front of the bike onto the road – a much more desirable effect.

The turbulence problem has also been eliminated and in order to reduce the vacuum effect under the dome, some models now have air intake slits in the front part that improve airflow at the edge. These improvements are also being adopted for existing models, where necessary, so those who ride earlier bikes can also benefit from these developments.

MRA motorcycle screens are manufactured from a unique and specially developed material - used by no other screen manufacturer - with the following ideal and unique combination of properties.

• Shock resistant and shatterproof - to minimise the chance of breakage from the impact of stone chips etc.
• Rigid - to retain its shape and avoid distortion under extreme wind pressure and high temperatures
• Safer - in extreme circumstances should it break, the resultant edges are not sharp

• Resistant to most chemicals - including Petroleuml/Gasoline and Alcohol etc.
• UV (sunlight) resistant - for at least ten years to avoid dulling or clouding

•  Second to none in style, fit and finish
•  Raster black gradient finish at front base of screen (on most bikes) to conceal and protect rear of instrument panel from strong sunlight
•  Smoked grey tint (other tints available to
special order)
•  Aerodynamically efficient design for improved
wind protection
•  Special grey rear edge beaded safety trim
(not shown in all photos)
MRA Double-Bubble Race Screen Yamaha R1

Available tints

MRA Double-Bubble Racing Screen Tints

motorcycle windshields coloured tints

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