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QuickShifter easy for Yamaha

Healtech QuickShifter easy for Yamaha Motorcycles

Healtech QuickShifter easy for Yamaha Motorcycles


Easy to install. Easy to setup. Easy on your wallet.

The perfect choice for anyone aiming for quicker lap times, better 1/4 mile runs or just more fun on the road.

The idea behind the quickshifter is quite simple: clutchless, full throttle shifts for minimum time loss during a gearchange. The quickshifter cuts the ignition, unloads the gearbox, making it possible for you to switch one gear up without closing the throttle. By the time the spark comes back, you’re already in the next gear – no hassle, no glitch, no time lost.

You may win only a couple of milliseconds per gearchange, but these small wins all add up by the end of the lap, reducing your time to get round at least 1 or 2 seconds which is quite impressive.

A few years back quickshifter technology was only available at the top level of motorcycle racing, like MotoGP and World Superbikes.

Now you can get your hands on the big boy’s toys for a bargain price!

"I’ve just installed today the QuickShifter easy and let me say, I’m glad that I waited to get your product... amazing equipment for a great price!"

Jorge C.
Yamaha 2007 YZF-R1

"It works PERFECTLY. I was able to easily make smooth and very precise upshifts. These shifts were MUCH smoother than anything I was able to achieve by using clutch or pre-quickshifter clutchless upshifting. It worked as well in town as it did on the highway regardless of the RPMS...

...It's like a new bike and riding it today put a smile on my face the whole time today. Can't wait to get out again tomorrow for an even longer ride."

mailtiger, FZ1.Forum.Com
Yamaha 2009 FZ1

As easy as it can get
QuickShifter easy was designed with the average rider in mind to make the installation and setup as simple as possible, yet it has all the features only the best quickshifters have.

Supreme compatibility
One sensor that works on all motorcycles, also with reverse (race) shift pattern.

Small yet powerful
Comes in a small package, so you don’t have to sacrifice your under-seat storage space.

Size: 50 x 30 x 17mm (1.9 x 1.2 x 0.6 iches)
Weight: 43g (1.51 oz)

Wireless connectivity
Uses Bluetooth technology and Android or iOS app for setup and verification. Can even be disabled with a few taps if you wish to cruise the streets.

Youre in safe hands
There are no moving parts in the sensor, it’s a robust design. The unit is also weather and shock proof and comes with a 2 year warranty. Free/automatic software updates are also available for the lifetime of this product.

Watch the following video to see QuickShifter Easy in action...

And see how easy it is to install here...

*Please note: A Bluetooth enabled Android or iOS compatible phone or tablet is required for setup.

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Price:233.32 (279.98 Including UK VAT at 20%)

(Shipping costs calculated before checkout and 20% UK VAT/tax will be removed for non-UK destinations)

Healtech Quickshifter Easy Spare Sensor

Healtech Quickshifter Easy Spare Sensor

Ref: 62405

Replacement sensor for all Healtech QSE units.

Supplied with a new bolt and washers.

Price:49.99 (59.99 Including UK VAT at 20%)

(Shipping costs calculated before checkout and 20% UK VAT/tax will be removed for non-UK destinations)

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