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Nitron Shocks for Harley-Davidson

Nitron NTR R1 Sport - Big-Piston Integral Pressurised Gas-Monotube Rear Shock Absorber for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

Nitron NTR R1 Sport - Big-Piston Integral Pressurised Gas-Monotube Rear Shock Absorber for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles


Simply fit and feel the ride

The perfect, compliant and controlled road shock - built just for you, to your exact specification, from your suspension specialists, HPS

Despite being Nitron's entry level bespoke rear shock absorber, with its full 40mm diameter piston, this unit will outperform much more expensive units from the "bigger" manufacturers and will always offer a significant improvement in comfort and response over the OE shock fitted to your bike - even if it has a remote or piggy-back reservoir. It features a totally uncomplicated single adjuster knob which tunes both rebound and compression damping simultaneously - making it perfect for the road biased rider and, don't forget, we have a special build service for shorter riders who need a lower seat height; please ask for details.

Made in England, all Nitron shocks supplied by HPS are totally rebuildable and backed with a full UK technical support and service operation.

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"Nitron Sport shock... Affordable, high quality suspension unit for road riders."
Rupert Paul, Journalist, BIKE magazine

After fitting the Nitron shock our customer said...

"I was slightly surprised when I sat on the bike that the suspension moved and that when I rode it my pelvis did not flex. It also became apparent that I don't have double vision at speeds over 60mph after all... and the seat is not in fact made of forged steel. My kidneys appear to be in the same place they were at the start of the ride which is a bonus.

The downside is that the plushness of the rear end now highlights just how bad the forks are... The upside is that I don't have to buy a new seat!

I should have done this years ago. Thanks for your help."

MG, Swindon
Honda Fireblade

"Superb product. They made one for my FXR build and it is flat out amazing."

JS, Finland
Harley-Davidson FXR Custom

When ordering from HPS, please include your weight (with any specific requirements you may have regarding whether you want a lower or higher default seat height - i.e. if you are taller or shorter than average) and state how your bike is used (i.e. road solo only, road with pillion, road and track or track only etc.) as we will be building your shock to your specific order with the optimum length, spring rate and damper adjustments pre-set for you.

Please don't hesitate to call us at HPS to ask your suspension questions - we will be very happy to discuss your needs and assist.

  • HPS will build your shock to order with the specification based on your individual needs and with all adjustments pre-set (see above)
  • Large 40mm piston for more precise and consistent damping control (23.5% more damping oil flow than hlins TTX 36mm piston)
  • Very straightforward single adjuster for rapid combined damping adjustment
  • Manufactured from a hard-anodised corrosion-resistant CNC machined aluminium alloy body, combined with the same high quality internal components as in Nitron's range-topping shocks
  • Pressurised Gas-Monotube design
  • Manual preload adjustment with C-Spanner included, or...
  • Optional remote Hydraulic Preload Adjuster (HPA) for instant changes to rear ride-height (eliminates use of C-Spanner) to vary steering response between road and track (also ideal for shorter riders or for those bikes where the laden weight varies significantly; e.g. from solo to with pillion & luggage)
  • *Adjustable/increasable length as standard (for most bikes please confirm re. your bike prior to ordering) to fine tune ride-height and steering)
  • Shorter shocks available to order for many bikes (please call/contact to confirm) for smaller riders who may wish to lower seat - typical seat height reduction achievable is up to 30mm/1.25
  • Very light weight (e.g. Triumph 675, more than 0.5 Kg lighter, even with Hydraulic Preload Adjuster included for Race version)
  • 3rd piston Shim-Stack for very low speed rebound damping control
  • Teflon lined low-friction rose jointed eyes where applicable (bike-dependent end fittings may differ from those shown here)
  • Ultra low-friction piston rod seal design
  • Completely rebuildable/re-valvable with rapid UK maintenance and support service
  • By far the highest quality and best value entry level bespoke shock you can buy
  • Includes Full 5 Year Warranty from HPS

Please note that appearance (i.e., colour of some components), may vary from that shown.

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Tick here to add a Hydraulic Preload Adjuster (HPA) for just 264.00 inc. VAT

Price:459.00 (550.80 Including UK VAT at 20%)

(Shipping costs calculated before checkout and 20% UK VAT/tax will be removed for non-UK destinations)

Nitron Hydraulic Preload Adjuster

Nitron Hydraulic Preload Adjuster

Ref: 54145

The hydraulic preload adjuster allows you to quickly and easily change the preload on the spring via a remote knob making c-spanners and other tools unnecessary.

This is particularly useful for people who regularly take pillion passengers and/or luggage, as it allows you to compensate for a variation in load, maintaining the comfort and handling characteristics of your motorcycle by retaining the correct ride height. It is also very useful for bikes used on the track, particularly for racers as it allows fine tuning of the ride height which often needs to be different from one track to another.

This is normally added at the time a shock is purchased but the unit can also be retrofitted to your existing Nitron shock to replace the manual preload adjustment. Please call HPS to check the availability for your existing shock first as there may be a possibility that the spring will need to be replaced for that of a smaller one and please note the retro fitment of a hydraulic preload adjuster requires your shock to be returned to us.

(Shipping costs calculated before checkout and 20% UK VAT/tax will be removed for non-UK destinations)