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Nitron Adventure Series Shocks for Moto Guzzi

Nitron NTR Adventure Series - Rear Shock Absorber for Moto Guzzi Stelvio 1200 2008-2017

Nitron NTR Adventure Series - Rear Shock Absorber for Moto Guzzi Stelvio 1200 2008-2017


When a standard shock just isnt up to the task...

Specifically designed and built for Dual Sport and Adventure bikes, our Nitron Adventure Series shocks offer exceptional year-round road and trail performance like no other.

Using billet aluminium components, Adventure shocks vastly improve the ride/handling of the bike but at a significantly reduced weight compared to a standard shock.

Nitron Adventure Series shocks feature heavy-duty 16mm piston rods and a high-flow capacity 46mm piston (many aftermarket shocks only have typically a 36 to 40mm piston - meaning that the Nitron flows up to 74% more damping oil for more consistent, fade-free performance), both of which are custom tuned and developed for the demands of long-haul road commutes through to Paris-Dakar style endurance events.

"This shock has transformed the Stelvio both in handling for all riding & with only small adjustment needed to pretention for riding two up and or with luggage fitted. Both my wife & I just love the result so much that we are riding the bike even more .... no longer do we have to worry about uneven surfaces or sharp edges when crossing railway lines or bridges. The bike doesn't "sag" in the back end both for norm riding or hard acceleration & steers/turns in much quicker too."

MK, New Zealand
Moto Guzzi Stelvio 2009

Made in England, all Nitron shocks supplied by HPS are totally rebuildable and backed with a full UK technical support and service operation.

When ordering from HPS, please include your weight (with any specific requirements you may have regarding whether you want a lower or higher default seat height - i.e. if you are taller or shorter than average) and state how your bike is used (i.e. road solo only, road with pillion, road and off road or off-road only, etc.) as we will be building your shock to your specific order with the optimum length, spring rate and damper adjustments pre-set for you. If you need further information or assistance, please call us to discuss your needs.

  • HPS will build your shock to order with the specification based on your individual needs and with all adjustments pre-set (see above)
  • Large 46mm high-flow piston for more precise and consistent damping control
  • Choose 1-Way Adjuster for combined rebound and compression damping adjustment, 2-Way for separate compression and rebound damping for more advanced bike setup and 3-Way for separate compression and rebound damping plus adjustable high and low speed compression damping for the ultimate in adjustability
  • Manufactured from a most highly durable titanium coloured hard-anodised corrosion-resistant CNC machined aluminium alloy body
  • Manual preload adjustment with C-Spanner included, or...
  • Optional remote Hydraulic Preload Adjuster (HPA) for instant changes to rear ride-height (ideal for shorter riders or for those bikes where the laden weight varies significantly; e.g. from solo to with pillion & luggage and eliminates use of C-Spanner) and to vary steering response
  • Adjustable length as standard - for most bikes - to fine tune ride-height and steering (also ideal for shorter riders who may want to reduce seat height - please specify when ordering - see above)
  • Teflon lined low-friction rose jointed eyes where applicable (bike-dependent end fittings may differ from those shown here)
  • Ultra low-friction piston rod seal design
  • Completely rebuildable/re-valvable with rapid UK maintenance and support service
  • Includes Full 5 Year Warranty from HPS

Please note, appearance (i.e., colour of some components), may vary from that shown.

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