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Madstad Screens & Brackets for Victory

Madstad Adjustable Screen Mount Bracket for Victory Cross Country & Cross Country Tour

Madstad Adjustable Screen Mount Bracket for Victory Cross Country & Cross Country Tour


The Amazing Madstad Bracket!

These windshield mounts allow you to control the height and angle of your stock factory-fitted windshield. The result is much smoother air, much less turbulence and the ability to position the shield precisely to personalise your comfort! They bolt right to your dash, and the windshield bolts to the brackets. No tools are necessary for adjustment which takes only seconds.

Smooth air, clean wind protection and no turbulence. Why do MadStad windshield systems work so well? Because we detach the shield from the fairing allowing it to scoop air up underneath. This eliminates the vacuum behind the shield which is what causes most of your turbulence in the first place. It also means that a small shield can deflect the air higher than a tall one so you can look over the shield and not through it, without having the wind hit you in the face.

Please note: Bracket only option is not compatible with Cross Country Tour screens.

"I'm totally, 100% satisfied with your system! I'm 5' 11" tall and the stock XC windshield works perfectly. I have plenty of adjustment up and down for different weather conditions. No turbulence! What a relief."

John B, Iowa

"You guys knocked it out of the park! 90-100 mph and almost zero buffeting. I am 6'6" and ride with a full face helmet. Even the visor chatter is gone. Can hear the stereo perfect actually lowered the volume. I was worried about the look but I think it looks great."

CH, Florida
Victory Cross Country Tour

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