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Triumph Tiger 800, 800XR & 800XC 2011-2017

Madstad Adjustable RoboBracket, Screen & Side Deflector Winglets for Triumph Tiger 800, 800XR & 800XC Range (All Models) 2011-2017

Madstad Adjustable RoboBracket, Screen & Side Deflector Winglets for Triumph Tiger 800, 800XR & 800XC Range (All Models) 2011-2017

Ref: 59163

The Versatile Madstad Complete Solution - Adjustable RoboBracket with Screen

Now includes the Off Road Support Brace for extra stability on rugged terrain.

Gives you total control over your windshield height, angle and airflow for the most comfort.

Madstad accomplishes superior airflow by separating your bike's windshield from its fairing with the patented adjustable RoboBracket system. By scooping air up under the windshield, it eliminates the vacuum normally generated behind your screen which causes turbulence and buffeting.

Your new windshield will then be fully adjustable for height, tilt and depth (distance from the rider). With the windshield raised from the fairing, air can flow underneath, eliminating the turbulence-causing vacuum behind it and giving you total control over the airflow and position of your shield, meaning one size shield will work perfectly for many different height riders.

"I tried the standard screen, with triumph adjusters, then I tried the triumph accessory screen... no better. I bit the bullet and ordered the Madstad screen.


Seriously, the best modification I've ever made, to any bike, ever! And I'm someone who likes to liberally farkle up my bike. - owned approx 30 bikes in the past 20 years. Can truly cruise along with the visor up now - absolutely NO chance of that with the standard / or triumph adventure screen. It is SOOO much quieter on my bike now - it's unbelievable."

Ben, Bedfordshire
Triumph Tiger 800

"Just a quick line to say how pleased I am with my Madstad screen. You were right in saying a 20” screen is more than tall enough for someone 6’2”. I have it set about the middle and it can probably go lower.

I am well pleased with the results."

WB, Dunbartonshire
Triumph 2013 Tiger 800 Roadie

"I tried on no less than 6 different screens on my Tiger 800 and finally put back the Madstad on the bike. No other system provided the kind of wind protection and "quiet" as did the Madstad."

MT, Malaysia
Triumph Tiger 800

"Many thanks for your assistance and prompt despatch of my screen, arrived safely and fitted within 30 mins, still need to fine tune but WOW what a difference this makes to the riding comfort / quietness / no buffeting, it's a superbly engineered piece of kit and works brilliantly.

I have already told my friends and posted on the Triumph 800 forum, how good this screen is, compared to the Stock and Triumphs Touring screen, both pretty useless!!

A tad expensive, but I guess you get what you pay for, this WORKS!!!"

SH, Northamptonshire
Triumph 2016 Tiger 800XRT

"Recently fitted a Madstad screen to my Triumph Tiger 800 XCA, it works superbly! 100% better than the factory one. Big plus is the reduction in wind noise and the amount of bug-splat on your visor! Very impressed with speed of service from HPS, delivery and ease of purchase. Fitting was slick - good piece of kit."

CC, North Humberside
2015 Triumph Tiger 800XCA

"Finally ordered a Madstad screen for my Triumph Tiger 800. It was delivered two days after ordering, and I fitted it the same day. Now there is no brain-rattle that I suffered with the original screen, due to turbulence, and no wind noise at all. I could happily wear an open-face helmet now.

Well pleased with my purchase, and great service from HPS."

RL, Buckinghamshire
2013 Triumph Tiger 800

"Just to say I fitted the Madstad screen you supplied to my Tiger 800 today and just can't believe the difference. I now have zero buffeting on my helmet. Riding at 70 now is like riding at 25 with the standard screen. It looks so basic but it works so well. I'm 5'8" and have it set low and raked almost fully back. Unbelievable! Many thanks."

CC, N.Yorkshire
Triumph 2016 Tiger 800XRX

Transform your ride with MadStad RoboBrackets, an adjustable wind management system that allows you to control the position and angle of your motorcycle windshield. The result is much smoother airflow, better wind protection and a more comfortable ride than any fixed windshield could ever provide.

Why adapt to your windshield when your windshield can adapt to you?

This is a complete custom made system consisting of:
  • An aluminium mounting base
  • Adjustable RoboBrackets
  • Off Road Support Brace
  • A complete replacement windshield in Clear or Smoked Grey tint
  • Clear side deflector winglets for extra protection

The mounting for the RoboBracket system is a black powder-coated Aluminium base which simply attaches directly to your bike's existing mounting holes. The adjustable RoboBrackets bolt to this base and the windshield attaches to the brackets.

Your kit will include everything needed, including the easy-adjust Robo Knob brackets for simple and quick positioning of your shield.

Typical screen size guide for your height
18" Screen - height range up to 5'11"
20" Screen - height range 6'0" - 6'3"
22" Screen - heights of 6'4" plus

More Information

Please select your screen size and tint

Add Xerapol Scratch Remover to keep your screen looking like new, 9.25

(Optional delivery charges calculated before checkout, depending on destination & service)

Read the Madstad Adjustable RoboBracket, Screen & Side Deflector Winglets for Triumph Tiger 800, 800XR & 800XC Range (All Models) 2011-2017 Reviews...
(Overall Rating: 10 out of 10)

The screen is brilliant...
80+ mph visor up in calm air. Also no more cold hands. Have had to buy a pair of summer gloves to stop hands overheating!
SW - N. Yorkshire

I previously bought the MRA Vario screen for my Tiger 800 which was an improvement over the standard screen, but still too noisy for me. This screen is in a different league altogether, okay its twice the price but in my view worth every penny, totally transforming the ride comfort. Great service
M Redford - Perth

excellent product and great delivery time

Peter C. - Cleveland

Absolutely excellent
After much research & advice from HPS I bought the 20" Madstad Explorer clear screen as even the adjustable Triumph screen was useless. Couldn't believe the difference & riding pleasure with the Madstad as all wind noise & buffet discomfort disappeared. Easily ride comfortably 70mph with visor up
Clive Duckworth - Nottingham UK

Fitted, tested and excellent!
Many thanks for the service and the product!
JD - Dumfries

Madstad Off Road Support Brace for Triumph Tiger 800

Madstad Off Road Support Brace for Triumph Tiger 800

Ref: 60939

Optional upgrade for those that do a large amounts of off road touring or ride on frequently bumpy terrain.

This stainless steel support braces the top of our mounting plate to the frame of the bike, down behind the headlight assembly. It provides added rigidity for the entire windshield system.

Customers have also reported this is handy for mounting your SatNav too.

Weight: 907g (2lb)

Price:33.52 (40.22 Inc. UK Inc. VAT at 20%)

(Optional delivery charges calculated before checkout, depending on destination & service)