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Honda NC700X 2012-2015 & NC750X 2014-2015

Madstad Adjustable RoboBracket & Screen for Honda NC700X 2012-2015 & NC750X 2014-2015

Madstad Adjustable RoboBracket & Screen for Honda NC700X 2012-2015 & NC750X 2014-2015

Ref: 60156

The Versatile Madstad Complete Solution - Adjustable RoboBracket with Screen

Gives you total control over your windshield height, angle and airflow for the most comfort.

Madstad accomplishes superior airflow by separating your bike's windshield from its fairing with the patented adjustable RoboBracket system. By scooping air up under the windshield, it eliminates the vacuum normally generated behind your screen which causes turbulence and buffeting.

Your new windshield will then be fully adjustable for height, tilt and depth (distance from the rider). With the windshield raised from the fairing, air can flow underneath, eliminating the turbulence-causing vacuum behind it and giving you total control over the airflow and position of your shield, meaning one size shield will work perfectly for many different height riders.

Transform your ride with MadStad RoboBrackets, an adjustable wind management system that allows you to control the position and angle of your motorcycle windshield. The result is much smoother airflow, better wind protection and a more comfortable ride than any fixed windshield could ever provide.

Why adapt to your windshield when your windshield can adapt to you?

"I was about to get rid of the bike because I was getting blown around horribly at 75mph, especially when passing semis or when they pass me going the other way. The MadStad fixed those problems. I'm 6' tall and it blocks gusts and induced wind extremely well."

GJohn -

"I love it. The adjustability is so cool."

670cc -

"I've spent enough time with the Madstad now to know it has been a very good investment."

"I need to get a decibel meter. I can't believe how much wind noise this screen cuts out."

turbodieseli4i6 -

"Works great! Easy to set up!"

Tony K -

"I love my Madstad shield system it works awesome it is like night and day difference, I can talk to my wife now in a normal voice while riding at 60mph with our helmets on, and we can hear each other before we could not, there was too much wind noise. I can also hear engine and bike noises that I could never hear before.

I am averaging 78mpg with my Madstad shield, I also have the 20". Before the Madstad averaging 70mpg, this is fun spirited riding. I did get 83mpg trying not to goose it to much. I no longer use the earplugs, and I usually have my helmet screen up at least half way. But before it was unbearable with out earplugs. …on Hot days, Tilt it back for more wind and cooling.

westgl -

"Had my first trip on my Honda NC750X with the new 22"Madstad windscreen mounted. Goodbye to turbulence and ear plugs."

MM, Norway
Honda NC750X

This is a complete custom made system consisting of:

- 2x Adjustable RoboBrackets
- A complete replacement windshield in Clear or Smoked Grey tint
- 2x Side deflectors with brackets

Typical screen size guide for your height
16" (406mm) Screen - below 5'8" (173cm)
18" (460mm) Screen - height range 5'8" - 5'10" (173 - 178cm)
20" (510mm) Screen - height range 5'11" - 6'1" (180 - 185cm)
22" (560mm) Screen - heights over 6'2" - 6'4" (185cm - 193cm)
24" (610mm) Screen - over 6'4" (193cm)

Please note: Windshields now come with the lower section frosted on the back side to diffuse headlight reflections. Not all of the photos here show this feature but this is how they are now supplied.

More Information

Please select your screen size and tint

Add Xerapol Scratch Remover to keep your screen looking like new, 11.20

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(Overall Rating: 10 out of 10)

  5 star very helpful      Mark - Surrey