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Honda Gold Wing GL1800 2018> Onwards

Madstad Screen for Honda Gold Wing GL1800 2018> onwards

Madstad Screen for Honda Gold Wing GL1800 2018> onwards

Ref: MDSTDGL1800


Smoother airflow and better wind protection usually involves more than just a new windshield. Comfort is about superior airflow management and while the Gold Wing's electrically adjustable windshield is helpful, improvement doesn't come until you scoop more airflow under the shield. That's why Madstad created a spacer system that actually works to noticeably improve smooth airflow and comfort.

The spacers are made of weather-resistant machined acetyl copolymer and do not interfere with the movement of the factory height adjustment system. You will be able to replace the factory mounting hole covers so our spacers are hidden behind, preserving the appearanceof your bike.

This is a complete custom made system consisting of:
- Solid block spacer system with hardware
- A complete replacement windshield in Clear or Medium Grey tint

Typical screen size guide for your height
18" (460mm) Screen - for riders below 5'10" (178cm)
20" (510mm) Screen - for riders of a height range 5'10" - 6'0" (178 - 183cm)
22" (560mm) Screen - for riders of heights over 6'0" (183cm+)

How to measure
While sitting on the bike run a measuring tape straight up from the top centre of the dash. When the factory system is retracted all the way down, the top edge of our 18" shield will be 6 inches (15.2 cm) above that top of the dash, the 20" windshield will be 8 inches (20.3 cm) above that point and so on. You want the top edge of the shield to be at about your mouth level as you look straight ahead, so whichever measurement gives you that position, that is the size shield you should order. This ensures that you can see well over the top of the shield, but can still raise it if necessary.

Please Note: These are factory produced to order with approx. 2-3 weeks delivery (non-refundable payment taken at time of order).

Please select your screen size and tint

Add Xerapol Scratch Remover to keep your screen looking like new, 11.20

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