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X-creen Sport Spoiler (XCSA)

MRA X-Creen Sport XCSA Universal Adjustable Spoiler Clamp on or Drill Mount
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MRA X-Creen Sport XCSA Universal Adjustable Spoiler Clamp on or Drill Mount


Complete Windshield & Spoiler

Adjustable Spoiler with clamps - designed for 265mm/10.4" minimum width screens.

Where no complete MRA adjustable screen has been produced for your bike (see list of bikes here), the X-creen Sport universal windshield spoiler can be added and adjusted to almost any desired position to help improve the airflow at the top of your existing screen.

This product has been specifically designed to enable an MRA spoiler to be mounted on sports bikes or other bikes which have smaller/narrower screens and where the riders head is relatively close to the screen. If you have a bike with a larger more upright screen - and/or where your head is further away - we would recommend looking at our XCTA Touring version.

Using its double jointed mounting, the spoiler can be adjusted for both angle and distance from the screen and offers amazing relief from wind pressure on sportsbikes.

MRA X-creen Sport Motorcycle Spoiler

Dimensions - before purchasing, please ensure you measure the width of your existing screen to ensure compatibility - or call us for advice.
  • Mounting width required on your bike's original screen between XCSA's hinge posts is 265mm / 10.4 inches (+/- 10 mm / 0.5 inch, dependent upon your screen's curvature)
  • Width of spoiler/aerofoil: 260 mm (10.2 inches)
  • Height of spoiler/aerofoil: 90 mm (3.5 inches)
The MRA XCSA Spoiler can either be clamped to the top of your existing windshield using the included fittings, or bolted through your screen for a more permanent solution (parts and drilling template included).

If you require a larger spoiler, please see the X-Creen Touring XCTA version.

"...Just want to say I was VERY impressed with the little flip spoiler screen - excellent product. ...worked flawlessly for 2000 miles and at speeds over 150 mph [on trip from UK to Barcelona and back]."

BvG. Surrey
Suzuki GSX-R1000

"The Sport clip-on totally cured my head buffeting on my Guzzi V85TT Travel. It was a nightmare at 70mph but I could ride with the visor up at 80mph if I wanted to now, it’s made that much difference. Highly recommended and worth the money."

TM, Mid Glamorgan
Moto Guzzi V85TT Travel

The adjustable wind deflector can function as a screen extension, as well as a diffuser in front of the screen to gently reduce the airflow. Or, when required, it can also channel air onto a rider to help keep them cool in warmer weather.

Please select a tint for your spoiler:

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(Overall Rating: 10 out of 10)

  This product did the trick - very pleased with it  Thank you    David P - Shrewsbury

  Thanks for the super quick delivery.  Thank you   GW - Kent

  Quality item and quick delivery thanks     JR - Grantham