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IRC Quickshifter for Two-strokes

IRC SGRace-2T Two-stroke Quickshifter

IRC SGRace-2T Two-stroke Quickshifter

Ref: 65067

Experience super-smooth, full throttle upshifting on the road and gain metres over your rivals on track!

Shift up through the gears at constant or full throttle - without the use of the clutch - for lightning smooth acceleration at any RPM.

Even though you may have an earlier two-stroke bike, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t benefit from today’s advanced electronics with the latest SGRace Two-stroke Quickshifter.

With its solid-state Load-cell/Strain-gauge Shift-rod Sensor - which, for absolute reliability, has no moving parts or switches to wear or fail - and, with the RPM Sensor cable connected, using same internal electronics as IRC also provide to leading GP teams, it will automatically adjust your engine kill time dependent upon revs to deliver the smoothest shifts all way up through the gearbox.

Supplied with combined installation guide and user manual, it's very straightforward to install on any single or twin-cylinder two-stroke with conventional CDI ignition and spade type terminal coils, requiring only external connections to: +12 V feed and earth, coil spade terminal(s), optional RPM Tacho (or HT lead) feed.

For ease of universal mechanical installation too, the Shift-rod Sensor has both left-hand and right-hand “magic” M6 threads with three M6 x 35mm male adaptor studs.

  • Upshift at full throttle without backing off and gain potentially 3 metres per shift or 2 seconds a lap
  • For all Single Cylinder, Parallel-twin or Vee-twin Two-strokes with CDI ignition
  • Electronic display and control module for ease of adjustments and setting changes (See pic. 1)
  • Electronically configurable to operate in Race/Road Push/Compression or Pull/Tension upshifting mode
  • Electronically adjustable for both sensitivity and foot actuation pressure
  • Solid-state Load-cell/Strain-gauge Shift-Rod Sensor with no moving parts or switches (See pic. 2)
  • Interrupts engine via straightforward connection to regular push-on Spade Type Coil Terminals (See pic. 5)
  • Automatically adjusts your engine kill time dependent upon revs to deliver the smoothest shifts all way up through the gearbox (See pic. 7)
  • 164mm Shift-rod included (can be shortened to 105mm, longer rods optionally available) (See pic. 3)
  • Three M6 x 35mm male adaptor studs supplied (See pic. 4)
  • Output for optional Data Logger (See pic. 8)
  • Compact ECU/Control Unit WxDxH: 82 x 39 x 23mm
  • Combined Installation Guide and User Manual included
  • Includes 4 year warranty

Hear the crisp gear changes with this unit installed on our Yamaha TZR250 in the video below...

"Just thought I'd let you know the IRC Quickshifter worked faultlessly at Donington on Monday.

In fact I'd go as far as saying that Monday was right up there with the most fun I've ever had on a bike, the RS250 really was a joy to ride and the weather was perfect too.

The Quickshifter seemed to be spot on and, although you don't really short shift on a 2 stroke like you would with a big 4 stroke, I tried it on both the out lap and slowing down lap and it seemed happy changing gear at any RPM.

Where it really made the difference though was mid corner gear changes which I seemed to be doing a lot of at Donington. With the quickshifter I was powering through the faster corners (Craner Curves, Starkeys and Coppice) and going up the gears without unsettling the suspension or tyres, it was really quite seamless.

Overall verdict: Very happy!"

RF, Derbyshire
1999 Aprilia RS250

Suitable for the following models and many more (please contact us if you're unsure about fitment)...

RS125, RS250, AF1-250

Mito, Freccia

RS125, RS250, NSR125, NSR250, NSR500V


RG125, RG250, RGV250

TZR125, TZ125, SDR200, TZR250, R1Z250, TZ250, TZ350, RD350LC, RD350 YPVS

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