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GiPro Digital Gear Indicators for Triumph

GiPro Digital Gear Indicator for Triumph Motorcycles

GiPro Digital Gear Indicator for Triumph Motorcycles




The GiPro is a Gear Position Indicator with a modern processor and sophisticated firmware, it offers faster and more reliable readings than comparative products.

There are no buttons and no programming wire, just go through the gears and you're done.

Measuring just 30x20x13mm (HxWxD), it is one of the smallest, most compact gear indicators available, making it easy to mount at the instrument cluster.

The GiPro features a highly efficient display available in Bright Red, Cool Blue, White, Green or Yellow. It features a simple and clear front face which goes along nicely with the factory instrument cluster. The product is rugged, 100% weatherproof and comes with 2-year replacement warranty.

"I would just like to thank you for a prompt delivery. It was easy to install and looks very good, thank you."

BH, Reading
Triumph 2013 Sprint 1050 GT

"Just for general info, it's very easy to fit the GiPro DS gear indicator from Healtech to a Tiger 1050... I'm quite happy with it, saves me going the highway in 4th."

Triumph 1050 Tiger

"Both impressed with the speed of delivery and the quality / ease of fitting of the product... Now looking forward to a Summer of knowing which gear I'm in."

JB, Inverness
Triumph 2012 Bonneville SE

"I think I have experience with the main gear indicators so was going to do a review. But honestly there is no point, The Healtec GI-Pro X-Type is by far the most superior in everyway.

The GI-Pro is Half the Size, 10x as fast, easier to install and has better instructions. I have the Acumen DG8 on my TDM and I have the GI Pro on my Speed Four, The DiGi is currently sitting in my bin.

Aesthetics = 9 (it's a sexy little black box)
Ease of Install = 8 (piece of piddle only moan being the tacho cable too short to follow instructions.)
Ease of Set up = 10 (effortless)
Manufacturer Support = 8 (It wasn't needed! Instructions were good)
On the road = 9 (does the job well)

If I haven't sold it too you yet, it also comes with a programmable speed warning, shift light AND a 2 year warranty, which neither of the others do!

Gi-Pro gets the Chris-Red Seal of Approval."

Triumph Speed Four

"Yikes! This bad boy has turned my modest R3T into a bad girl! It feels as if the first three gears have opened up and allow considerably more power. I wasn't displeased with my stock Touring, but this adds a whole new dimension... my experience is all positive so far. I'm a fan, best $$$ I've spend on mods and accessories.

Now, I must concentrate on keeping the front wheel on the ground."

Triumph Rocket III Touring

"I just came in from taking it out for a little spin and I can't believe the difference. The throttle response is snappier and I can feel a big difference in first gear torque. How I can tell is I have never had the front tire that high in the air before and I wasn't even trying.

I just let out on the clutch and then throttled her hard. The front end just came up. When the tire came down I was looking for second gear and now I can hear the rear tire chirping in 2nd and 3rd gear. Oh and it is pretty cool to have a gear indicator also.

... I think it was the best 160 bucks I spent on the bike so far. "

T Evans,
Triumph Rocket III

"I love the thing, I'm probably its biggest cheerleader. It's worth the price alone just to stop trying to shift into 6th all the time, having 1st, 2nd and 3rd gear come alive is a bonus. Eliminating the speed limiter was just another little benefit too."

Triumph Rocket III

At a glance...
  • Quickest and Most Accurate Digital Gear Indicator on the Market
  • Simplest Installation
  • Fully compatible with other electronic devices such as Power Commander, Bazzaz etc.
  • Small Size, Neat Design - just 30x20x13mm (HxWxD)
  • Choice of Bright Red, Cool Blue, White, Green or Yellow Display
  • Mount on your dash/clocks with the included sticky pad, or on your handlebars with the optional GiPro Mount
  • 2 Year Replacement Warranty

There are three main types of GIpro available, please see the 'Select your bike' pull down menu below to see which type (listed in brackets) is suitable for your bike...

GiPro DS-Type
The GiPro-DS reads the gear position information directly from the ECU via the manufacturer's diagnostic port (where fitted), which makes it faster and more reliable than other gear indicators. There are no buttons, no programming wires. The unit is fully automatic. In most cases there's no need to cut and splice wires, no need to access several connectors and only ONE plug to connect - it couldn't be simpler!

GiPro X-Type
The GiPro-X connects to the speed sensor, and one or two simple wire taps to the loom/ECU may be required, installation is made as simple as possible for each individual bike. A Programmable Shift Light function as well as High Speed Warning feature is included.

*GiPro WSS-Type
For all Triumphs without electrically driven speedos as standard (but which do have an electrically/electronically driven Tacho/Rev-counter) the GiPro Wheel Speed Sensor (WSS-Type) comes with a magnetic pickup convertor included to provide the electrical pulse required to activate your gear indicator. Please note the WSS units are universal and not model specific, but installation has been made as simple as possible.

ATRE Type (selected models only) - includes Advanced Timing Retard Eliminator for an extra 10
This combo unit includes a built-in Advanced Timing Retard Eliminator which improves acceleration and throttle response in lower gears. This feature can be turned on and off at the touch of a button to comply with local regulations. The Auto Brightness Controller ensures that display brightness is always optimal (the sensitivity level can be fine tuned if desired).

*Please note that on some earlier bikes, or ABS equipped late bikes, it may not be possible to have a plug-in unit. in which case a universal kit will be supplied with fitting instructions. If you have any questions, please contact us prior to ordering.

Select your bike...

Select LED display colour...

Tick to add an optional GiPro Handlebar Mount (with Black housing) for £39.98 inc. VAT
Tick to add an optional GiPro Handlebar Mount (with Chrome housing) for £39.98 inc. VAT

Price:87.48 (104.98 Inc. UK Inc. VAT at 20%)

(Optional delivery charges calculated before checkout, depending on destination & service)

Read the GiPro Digital Gear Indicator for Triumph Motorcycles Reviews...
(Overall Rating: 10 out of 10)

Many thanks will recommend you.
Husband is delighted with his GIpro ATRE gear indicator for his TL1000R HPS delivered quickly and the item was in perfect condition due to great packaging.
CJ - Suzuki TL1000R 1998

Great piece of kit.
Ordered a digital gear indicator from Bike HPS which arrived less than 24 hours later. Very simple to fit, it took me longer to remove the Triumphs plastics to get to the wiring than it did to fit & calibrate the indicator. Would highly recommend this product & Bike HPS.
Bob Verrinder - 2013 Triumph Sprint GT

Very pleased with how this worked.
Prompt delivery. Thanks!
S.O. - Stroud

Super easy install and setup for DS Triumph Tiger
So very easy to install and set up. Also very responsive and easy to see in bright sunlight! Used a Positap on switch fuse wire that is for bike alarm. 30 second hook up. Hard part is figuring out how you want to route under tank to keep from pinching any wire.
Jim - TN.

GiPro Handlebar Mount

GiPro Handlebar Mount


This optional accessory is the best way to mount your GIpro DS or X-Type on the handlebar.

- Fits all handlebar sizes from 22-28mm
- Housing can be positioned at any angle on clamp
- Made from high quality billet aluminium
- Housing available in Black or Chrome finish
- Compatible with clip-ons too
- Weight 50g (1.76oz)

Select housing colour...

Price:33.32 (39.98 Inc. UK Inc. VAT at 20%)

(Optional delivery charges calculated before checkout, depending on destination & service)

Read the GiPro Handlebar Mount Reviews...
(Overall Rating: 10 out of 10)

Easy to fit A+++++

JH -