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Motorcycle | Motorbike Graphics Stickers Decals

If you're going to turn your bike into a race replica, you'll want it to look authentic and stylish but, at the the same time, give it a durable and long-lasting finish....

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Suzuki Stickers
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At HPS we have the highest quality laser-cut kits you can buy - kits which will not only look great when you first apply them, but also for many years to come.

  • We supply our kits to both individuals and professional motorcycle paint shops worldwide
  • Full size, colour high-definition laser-cut stickers
  • Automotive-grade UV fade-resistant print
  • Durable vinyl to avoid corner snagging
  • These are generic Superbike/Supersport sized decals for compatibility with all 600cc+faired bikes, i.e., they are not specifically made for the bikes on which the design originally appeared and some adjustments/cutting may be required on application (Mini/MidiMoto kits also available)
  • Can be applied dry or wet for ease of installation (see fitting instructions below)
  • Can be applied to your bike's existing bodywork and lacquered over
  • Optional laminated upgrade to provide a protective layer should you not wish to lacquer your bodywork after application
  • Each kit is manufactured to order (to ensure the adhesive is always fresh and the stickers uncurled)

Kits from just £15.32 inc. VAT


"I have received the stickers "Hayate Melandri 33" yesterday. Everything is ok, the quality of the stickers are great!!!!

Thank you a lot!"

RG, Switzerland
Kawasaki ZX10R


"Ordered a 2005 Rizla sticker kit as well as a Rossi sticker kit from you last week. I would just like to say it looks awesome and thank you for your good and quick service."

LW, South Africa
Suzuki K4


Tips for fitting Decals

  • All screen decals must be placed on the inside of the transparent windshield unless otherwise stated
  • Always apply the decals in a warm environment

Fitting Decals - Wet Method
Thoroughly Clean the surface where the decal is to be fitted with soapy water (ensure that the cleaner does not damage paintwork - it is important that there is no wax or grease on the surface).

Place the decal on the surface and hold in place with a piece of masking tape on one edge so that you can still lift the decal from the surface.

Carefully peel off the base backing paper (the backing that is next to the surface that the decal is to be applied to).

Spray a mild mixture of soap and water on the area the decal is to be applied to - this will help stop air bubbles and allow you to position the decal accurately.

Lay the decal onto the surface, slide it into the position you require and, with a credit card, starting at the middle, work out all the liquid and any air bubbles.

Leave to dry for 12 to 24 hours (or longer if the temperature is lower than 60

Very carefully and very slowly remove the masking tape and the decal's outer backing ensuring the decal does not come off with the backing.

Do not wash the area vigorously for a couple of weeks.

Fitting Decals - Dry Method
You will need a ruler, masking tape, scissors, lint free cloth, a surface cleaner (isopropyl alcohol is recommended) and a slip solution is optional for larger graphics.

For optimum results, surface temperature should be above 50°F and below 90°F. If necessary, move the bike to a location where the temperature can be within the installation guidelines.

After determining the location for your graphic, clean the surface with a lint free cloth and cleaner solution. Be sure to turn the cloth several times to ensure thorough cleaning and wax removal. After doing this you should get a "squeaky" sensation when lightly dragging your fingers across the surface.

Using small strips of masking tape, locate where the graphic is to be installed. If the graphic has a horizontal edge or reference point, you can use this for measuring the location from a body line or trim moulding. If the decal has a flowing design, you'll have to step back and visually inspect its location to determine if that is where you want it.

Once this is done, make measurements from individual points on the design and transfer the locations to the opposite side of your bike. (This is the step you need to take your time on, measure from different locations, once the graphic is installed, it cannot be moved).

Place two strips of masking tape (slightly overlapping each other) vertically in the approximate centre of the graphic. This is known as the "hinge" method and will allow you to install half of your decal at a time - making the task much easier.

Remove the masking tape strips from one end of the decal and slowly peel the base backing paper (the backing that is next to the surface that the decal is to be applied to), taking care not to touch the adhesive side of the graphic and carefully press your graphic into place. Use scissors to remove the outer backing paper and discard.

Lacquering over the decals (non-laminated versions)
The stickers are suitable for lacquering over (in fact we recommend this as it provides an additional protective layer – unless you have purchased the optional laminated upgrade) however - as with all decals - it is essential that non-cellulose based or non-cellulose thinned lacquers are used. If you have any questions, please contact us prior to purchasing or applying your lacquer. If you don't intend to lacquer your bodywork, we recommend choosing the laminated upgrade for your kit, as this provides a protective layer over the decals.

To Remove a Decal
Use a heat gun to warm the decal and peel it off gently.

To remove any additional glue use rubbing alcohol or similar compound (ensure that this does not mark the paintwork).






Kits from just £15.32 inc. VAT

"I would just like to thank you! My order came today and it looks great!"

SD, New York
Suzuki 1999 GSXR750

BMW Decals Stickers Graphics Corser S1000RR
Ducati Graphics Decals Stickers Stoner Marlboro Barcode

"Have received stickers, thanks they're great :)"

NH, Derbyshire
Kawasaki ZX6R

Kawasaki Monster Graphics Decals Stickers
Suzuki Rizla Graphics Stickers Decals

"I was really impressed with the quality of the graphic kit and how well it was packaged."

MP, New York
Yamaha R1
(50th Anniversary)

Yamaha Fiat Graphics Stickers Decals
Aprilia Spains no. 1 number graphics stickers decals