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braketech axis cmc brake discs

braketech cmc racing ceramic brake discs

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"Suzuki [GSX-R1000s] are well-known to have always suffered from brake fade, but this is doing it the proper way. ...with unbelievable vigour."
Al Fagan
Fast Bikes Road Tester & BSB Racer
GSXR1000 test with Braketech CMC Discs & BST Carbon Fibre Wheels... download article

Unequalled Stopping Power on Road and Track

Generation III AXIS/CMC Brake Discs from HPS

The patented BrakeTech AXIS/CMC™ system is the ultra-advanced Ceramic Matrix Composite brake disc for Motorcycles. Originally over ten years in military development for the 1st generation (released in 2004), the AXIS/CMC, now in it's 3rd generation, incorporates de-classified US Government Stealth Aircraft Technology that has provided an incredibly lightweight material which takes high performance to an all-new level. 

"These brakes are great with excellent power, modulation and consistency.

The wheels and brakes could really be felt in the bike's handling; there’s a second gear right-left chicane at my local track; the first time I rode there with them installed, I almost ran over the inside curb in the left turn because it was turning so much quicker than before!

The bike also gets a lot of attention in the pit where ever I go when people notice the discs and the wheels. So, I'm very happy

O.P.O. Norway
Braketech CMC Discs & BST Carbon Fibre Wheel user

Designed to perform brilliantly with your bike's original calipers - as well as with Billet GP race-spec units - this unique composite disc material offers the best features of premium Iron discs with the incredible lightweight benefits of Carbon (but without the Carbon Discs/Carbon Pads race system (C/C) problems - which are unsuitable for road use).

Its properties make all previous disc materials seem dated by comparison (even including the Carbon/Carbon brakes used in MotoGP) and this revolutionary material has changed the way both top-level race teams and track-day enthusiasts alike now measure braking systems' performance.

Carbon Matrix Composite/CMC performance benefits include:
• Unequalled overall braking performance
• Terrific feel and feedback at the handlebar lever
• Not thermally sensitive (work perfectly on the road and at
  low temperatures)
• Ultra broad torque curve across the widest of thermal ranges i.e.
  virtually fade-free
• Much longer lasting than Carbon/Carbon (C/C)
• Much less expensive than Carbon/Carbon (C/C)
• Great wet weather performance - [not hygroscopic, unlike C/C]

AXIS™ Full-Floating Carrier System: Advance Design protects your investment
• AXIS floater buttons are assigned the task of controlling float only,
  and are non load-bearing for a longer life
• Transfer your CMC Rotors to your next bike - simply by
purchasing new AXIS carriers/centres
• CMC Rotors available in 298/300, 310, 320 & 330mm diameters
braketech cmc discs

Comparative CMC/Metal Weight Statistics

Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade 04-05

Honda original 310mm x 5mm thickness Stainless Steel: 3lbs 4.4oz / 1.486 Kg (2.972/pair)
BrakeTech 310mm x 5mm thickness CMC: 1lb 5.6oz / 0.612 Kg (1.224/pair)
Weight saving per pair: 1.748 Kg - 58% lighter

Brembo Narrow-Track Superbike specification race discs
Brembo SBK 320mm x 6mm thickness Steel: 3lbs 11.4oz / 1.684 Kg (3.296/pair)
BrakeTech SBK 320mm x 6mm thickness CMC: 1lb 8.7oz / 0.700 Kg (1.400/pair)
Weight saving per pair: 1.968 Kg - 57% lighter

Please consider that these discs not only deliver an enormous braking improvement, but also a provide a remarkable average 60% lower (unsprung) weight too. This creates a substantial reduction in both gyroscopic and rotational inertial forces generated, which in turn leads to handling improvements and performance gains in terms of stronger acceleration and faster turning - with less steering input required - improvments that simply must be experienced to be believed.

"The bike now changes direction so quickly - it's fantastic.
I can brake so late and so hard now my friends couldn't believe it - and I can make the front tyre squeal!

It now flicks through turns with no effort at all
which makes it brilliant through sweeping corners and fast direction changes like Hall Bends at Cadwell."

Dave Cowley.
Fast Bikes featured BST Wheel & CMC Brake Disc user... 
download article here

Hot or cold, wet or dry, the AXIS/CMC fully-floating discs have established an unequalled benchmark in braking and handling - and, for the ultimate in performance, they are a perfect compliment to HPS's BST Prepreg Carbon Fibre wheels (shown above - more information here).

"Ceramic brake discs in cars have been around for years but, as yet, no motorcycle manufacturer has incorporated them on a production bike.

Ceramic discs are extremely light and efficient and can still operate effectively even at very high temperatures. Unlike
carbon discs, they even work when they're cold, making them suitable for road use.

They also don't wear as fast as traditional materials, they don't suffer from brake fade, and they don't produce any dust."

Stuart Barker
Visor Down Magazine, Brakes Feature

braketech cmc

braketech discs

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Whether Steel, Iron or CMC Braketech are the most effective discs you can buy!

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