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Bazzaz Fuel Injection

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Techtronics Cabs YZFR1 Review
Fast Bikes, End of year modified Staff Bikes Shootout, Spring 2012 issue - Yamaha YZF-R1

"Bazzaz has proved that traction control needn’t come at BSB-like prices and in incorporating a fuelling module and Quickshifter into the package too, it really does justify its £1100 fitted cost. Power delivery is crisp, the quickshifter is like a hot cock through butter and the easily adjusted traction control is a boon. The "Black Mamba" test rider, Fast Bikes The TC worked well too, better than I expected in honesty, curbing excess throttle on the damp parts of the track. At almost zero degrees temperature, on race tyres, by rights I should have ended up in the gravel,but the TC saw me through. So, if you have this 2009 to 2011 YZF-R1 Bazzaz Z-Fi TC and Techtronics CABS Blipper are Go, Go, Go!!! "

Benjamin Kubas Cronin, Features Editor - Fast Bikes Magazine

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When respected US magazine, Cycle World, performed a detailed comparative track test of the latest Traction Control (TC) equipped bikes (Aprilia RSV4 APRC, BMW S1000RR Sport, Ducati 1198 & Kawasaki ZX-10R) and compared them with a Suzuki GSX-R1000 with the Bazzaz Z-Fi TC installed they drew the following conclusions:

  • The Bazzaz is less intrusive than OEM TCs - yet it is highly effective
  • The OEM TC on the ZX-10R when switched on slowed the bike down and worsened lap times
  • The GSX-R1000 in the test went from being the slowest to second fastest when the Bazzaz Z-Fi TC was activated (faster than the Aprilia RSV4 and only 0.12 seconds slower than the S1000RR)
  • The GSX-R1000's lap time decrease of 0.62 seconds was the greatest of any bike when switching from TC "Off" to "On"
  • The GSX-R1000's in-corner speeds increased by up to 2.4 MPH
  • Without the GSX-R1000's Bazzaz TC activated, the professional rider high-sided only narrowly avoiding a high speed crash

Please find here scanned excerpts from the article (click each to download PDF file).


"People don't realise how long traction control has been around. Honda first used it on the original Pan Euro in 1992, but it fell under the radar. BMW then used a very similar system on their tourers, and it was a great idea.

It's designed to save you in the wet, icy or oily conditions. Not necessarily at full lean. It's a safety aid, and anything that brings safety into motorcycling is a good thing. Now that refined systems for sports bikes are here - via Aprilia, Kawasaki, etc. - it can be switched off by those who don't want it. And it can be set  for minimum and maximum intrusion. It's built for any rider of any experience. It's very beneficial, for me, you and everybody else. The problem is that bikers don't like change."

Trevor Franklin, MCN Chief Road Tester

The Bazzaz Z-Fi TC was reviewed in the November 2011 issue of Performace Bikes Magazine.

"Unless you have the mega bucks of a sponsor-backed race team, there's really only one aftermarket traction control system out there for both road bikes, trackday and race bikes: the Bazzaz Z-Fi TC System."

Mark White, Performance Bikes Magazine







Click here to download the full review.

"Tha Bazzaz genuinely works, and it still allows slides"
AF, Fast Bikes Magazine test
Suzuki GSX-R1000 K9

"'s impressively refined, controlling fuelling, traction and quickshifting in one neat package's a decent insurance policy so you don't ruin your no claims bonus."

BJ, Fast Bikes Magazine test
Suzuki GSX-R1000 K9


"On the road the fuelling is as good as the Power Commander V, and the Traction Control works really well in the wet."

"at this price, it seems like excellent value for money. Oh, and it's cool as hell"

BJ, Fast Bikes Magazine test article
Suzuki GSX-R1000 K9
Download the full article here

FastBikes Jan 2010


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