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Bazzaz Fuel Injection

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Bazzaz Z-Fi TC Smart Quickshifter
The built-in Smart Quickshifter employs race proven technology for seamless clutch-less up shifting.

Unlike almost all other quickshifters, the Bazzaz Z-Fi TC has automatic gear-dependent variable engine kill/interrupt periods (which are easily and individually user-adjustable via software) allowing, for optimal smooth upshifting between all gears.

This is considered to be essential by most professional racers and engine builders - as changes between higher ge
ars at higher revs (e.g 5th to 6th at 10,000 RPM) requires only a short interrupt time of typically 40 milliseconds (ms), whereas changes between 2nd to 3rd at 5,000 RPM, for example, typically require 80ms - which is twice the time. Less sophisticated quickshifter units (which, typically, have only one engine kill-period) can easily cause frequently missed shifts with - consequential gearbox damage - and/or very jerky shifting at high speeds.

  • Enables full power clutchless up-shifting for faster lap times

  • Comes complete with control unit, rugged shift-rod sensor/switch and bike specific shift-rod adaptor for ease of physical installation

  • Gear-dependant engine kill periods for automatic optimal shifting in all gears...

  • This also protects your gearbox from potentially damaging missed shifts

  • Integral shift rod activation light for precise set-up and adjustment to suit your shifting style

  • Supplied with your choice of Road or Race Gear Shift Pattern Shift-Rod Sensor (push/compression or pull/tension)

The Bazzaz quickshifter system is preset and ready for immediate use, but the Bazzaz software - shown above - very easily allows the user to further fine tune each of the gearshift interrupts for the smoothest shifting between all gears.

"The extras on the Bazzaz unit are what make it such good value for money:

The quickshifter is brilliant and unlike some others on the market you can adjust the length of time it cuts the ignition for each gear (higher gears need smaller ignition cuts in order to maintain stability)."

KL & BD, Performance Bikes Magazine test
Suzuki GSX-R1000 K6



Strain Guage Quickshifter Rod Sensor

Now includes the latest MotoGP strain gauge technology quickshifter rod sensor.

  • No moving parts to break or wear out

  • Sensitivity/shift pressure required is easily adjustable, up or down, at the touch of a button

  • Activated in both "pull" and "push" - works for road or race shift patterns


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