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Bazzaz Z-Fi TC Fuel Injection Control Mapping Function
For complete ease of installation, the unit simply piggy-backs onto your bike's standard ECU and each unit comes with a bike-specific harness with OEM connectors for plug and play fitting.

The unit comes pre-programmed for either the standard exhaust or a slip-on silencer, and can be easily adjusted further by use of the supplied Z-Fi Mapper Windows Software - details here.

In addition, the optional add-on Z-AFM Air Fuel Mapping Kit can automatically self-generate injection maps by analysing exhaust gasses while riding - meaning there's no need for costly dyno runs to optimise your bike's fuelling and - don't forget - Z-Fi maps all 8 injectors as standard, where applicable, unlike other common systems.


"It quickly found ten horses up on stock and fifteen at 8,000rpm."

"'s impressively refined, controlling fuelling, traction and quickshifting in one neat package"

BJ, Fast Bikes Magazine test
Suzuki GSX-R1000 K9

The optional Z-AFM kit consists of an air fuel sensor and amplifier box. Activated by the Bazzaz software, it enables you to self-map your bike by simply riding it. During your riding session it automatically calculates and records the required fuel adjustment at each RPM and throttle position to reach the user-selectable target air fuel ratio to produce a perfect map for your engine, enabling you to upload these to your Bazzaz upon return to your workshop and connecting to your PC.


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