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Shorai Motorcycle Batteries

Shorai Lightweight LFX Motorcycle Batteries

Shorai Lightweight LFX Motorcycle Batteries


The Worlds Lightest & Strongest Powersports Batteries - with Three-Year Prorated Warranty*

Shorai LFX batteries are the world's only prismatic Lithium-Iron Phosphate batteries and deliver more energy faster, with far less weight/size and with less wear on the battery per start cycle than any other brand or technology and truly represent a leap forward in performance (unlike many other competitor brands which often simply use unsuitable "hand power tool" type round battery cells put into an automotive case).

LFX batteries are also environmentally friendly, are 70-80% (up to approx. 4Kg) lighter than lead-acid batteries and don't 'sulphate' like lead-acid batteries, so won't degrade while in unattended storage.

Supplied in a variety of case shapes, size/capacity options and right/left polarity configurations to enable the best possible and most compact fitment, LFX batteries can also use many regular chargers or - for super-fast recharge rate - the Shorai cell-balancing charger via the battery’s dedicated Shorai charger connection port.

• Save space - smaller than your OEM/original bike battery (includes high impact foam if extra space not required)
• Ultra light - one fifth the weight of lead-acid batteries on average
• Military spec Carbon Composite Case - with normally smaller dimensions than your original battery
• Faster cranking for quicker starts (and less starter motor wear)
• Zero sulphation, for longer service life
• Holds unloaded charge (i.e. off bike) for one year without maintenance
• Does not suffer from the "less than 8v charge permanent failure" of regular L-Ion type batteries
• Cable connections can be made either at the top or sides of the terminals
• Use a regular charger or dedicated Shorai charger for Super-Fast recharge rate
• No explosive gasses during charge, no lead, no acid
• Environmentally friendly
• Japanese Engineering
• Three-Year Prorated warranty*

Where your LFX is smaller than your bike’s original battery, high-density, adhesive-backed foam sheets are included in the package which can be trimmed and applied to the battery box in minutes, to make a snug fit - or you may be able to use the space created to install other accessories such as a Power Commander, Bazzaz or other Quickshifter, etc.

All these options and sizes allow Shorai LFX to offer a 'drop-in' installation for most powersports vehicles and there's also a 6-volt battery for vintage vehicles.

Notes about Charging/Chargers, Storage & Warranty
Even though Shorai batteries can be stored off-bike for up to a year without charging or maintenance, when on a bike (even on a bike without an alarm) all types of battery will experience some discharge from clocks/odometers or simply via natural “parasitic” drain which eventually leads to complete over-discharge. Total discharge may irrecoverably damage any battery and any such damage will not be covered by your battery’s warranty meaning that if your bike is regularly left standing unused for periods of a week or longer, we strongly advise the use of the optional Shorai BMS01 LFX Battery Charger/Conditioner (or removing/disconnecting your battery).

Alternatively, many standard lead-acid chargers (apart from those with an automatic De-Sulphation Mode, which can harm non-lead-acid batteries) can be used with Shorai LFX batteries.

*Three-Year Prorated Warranty against manufacturing defects (*100% warranty coverage during 1st year, 50% cost contribution 2nd year, 25% 3rd year)

**We regret, due to shipping regulations, we can only supply these batteries for UK mainland orders.

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Shorai LFX Battery Charger & Storage Conditioner BMS01

Shorai LFX Battery Charger & Storage Conditioner BMS01

Ref: 60743

While many standard lead-acid chargers (apart from those with an automatic De-Sulphation Mode which can harm non-lead-acid batteries) can be used with Shorai LFX batteries when needed, the dedicated Shorai BMS01 charger is specifically designed to charge, store, maintain, balance, and diagnose your LFX battery via its direct interface which monitors your battery on a cell-by-cell basis.

The Shorai Charge and Store Battery Management System benefits...

• STORE MODE - for maximum battery life during long-term storage

• CHARGE MODE - charges, balances, and performs cell diagnostics.

• Clear LED indicators to show battery charging or storage status.

• Audible beep to alert you when charging cycle complete

• Includes handy battery port extension cable to enable easy charging connection to inaccessibly located batteries

• Convenient retractable hook to hang from grips, frame rails, seat straps, or workshop wall etc.

• Operating Specifications: 100V~250V 50/60 Hz AC Input; 2A max charge rate.

• Weight: 0.75kg (1.65lbs)

Price:74.76 (89.71 Inc. UK Inc. VAT at 20%)

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