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Gearshaft Holders

Gilles Honda CBR900RR Y-1 00-01 (929) & 2-3 02-03 (954) Shiftholder

Gilles Honda CBR900RR Y-1 00-01 (929) & 2-3 02-03 (954) Shiftholder

Ref: 43352

Gear Change Lever Shaft Support Bracket with Needle Roller Bearings and mounting Bolts

The gearchange shaft on the last of the "900" FireBlades is very long protruding approximately 60 mm unsupported from the gearbox; far more than is desirable. Because of this excessive length, when foot pressure is applied to the gear lever, this shaft is put not only under rotational load but also radial load (i.e. a bending force results) making the gearchange action notchy and stiff, leading to excessive wear on the external lever/rod bearings and linkages.

Far worse than this, these engines are well known for having a very weak gearbox and - with 4th gear in particular - if a gear is missed (even occasionally) when up or down-shifting, selector damage easily results and a frequent or regular jumping back out of gear problem normally soon develops. To cure this, engine removal is required with a gearbox strip and the replacement of costly gear components.

This shiftholder helps protect against the initial "missed-gear" problems which can lead to this serious fault, making this Shiftholder probably the most essential part any 929 or 954 owner should install on their bike.

This precision CNC machined component uses the sidestand mountings to provide support nearer to the end of the shaft for a much smoother shift action and reduced wear.
- High Tensile Aluminium Alloy
- Durable Titanium colour Anodised finish
- Needle Roller Bearing with Outer Seal
- Mounting Bolts Included
- Manufactured in Germany
- Compatible with (SC44) & 954 (SC50)

Price:56.67 (68.00 Inc. UK VAT at 20%)

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