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Shido Batteries

Lightweight Batteries

Shido Lightweight Lithium Ion Motorcycle Batteries

Shido Lightweight Lithium Ion Motorcycle Batteries


A Battery Revolution!

Take a look at most modern motorcycles and you will see that they are very different from the bikes manufactured 100 years ago. Just about every component has been improved, modernised and refined by research, development and technology. Except for one that is! Yes, the humble battery is still almost exactly the same as it was nearly 100 years ago.

That is until now when Shido, a name with a reputation for quality batteries, have redefined it with their new ultra high tech Lithium Ion battery.

Up to 75% lighter than conventional batteries - With a weight saving of around 2kg on an average superbike, it is the cheapest and easiest weight saving you will make. Perfect for road, race & track! Lighter weight improves acceleration, braking, handling and even fuel consumption.

"These are incredible, I have one in my bike a while now, weigh nothing, I mean you honestly think its an empty shell, and incredibly low discharge rate, left an RC8 untouched for 3 months, came back the it started first go with one of these in it."

GL, Cheshire
KTM 2009 RC8

  • Safer to you and kinder to the environment - much safer than conventional lead acid batteries since they contain no explosive gases, corrosive acids or toxic heavy metals.
  • Long lasting and rapid charging can accept more than 2000 charging cycles and can last up to 10 years. Will charge up to 75% in just 6 minutes.
  • High Power Cranking power 50% higher than equivalent lead acid batteries.
  • Easy fit - unlike many others, the battery is the same size and shape as the OE battery so that it fits directly into the same space with the same electrical connectors and bolts. So no messing around and wire cutting to get it to fit.
  • Their light weight gives them an obvious application for track & race bikes but their other benefits make them a must for all road bikes!
  • Light weight No pollution - Safer High Performance - Easy fit

*We regret, due to shipping regulations, we can only supply these batteries for UK mainland orders.

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