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Instrumentation & Lap Timers

XT Racing GPX ZED - GPS Lap Timer & Data Recorder

XT Racing GPX ZED - GPS Lap Timer & Data Recorder

Ref: 61514


Self-Powered, USB Rechargeable & Simple to Install

Packed with features designed to give you superior insight into your time on the track, the GPX ZED isn't just a lap timer, it's a professional-grade racing tool with the club racer's budget in mind.

XT Studio Software features

  • Automatically creates new tracks the first time you ride at a circuit and recognises you returning to tracks you've already ridden at
  • Two modes of operation - Circuit Mode (repetitive laps) and Point- to-Point Mode (e.g. rally, hillclimb, or even drive to work, etc.)
  • Up to 4 memory profiles to easily allow separate data recording for up to 4 bikes, cars or users (ample, approx. 90 session capacity)
  • Upload your lap data to your PC via USB (software included)
  • Track map displayed (with splits) when reviewing laps on your PC
  • Internal 3-axis accelerometer enables riding/cornering lines along with braking and acceleration points review on your PC
  • Downloadable functionality updates provided via the internet
  • Choice of several screen layouts for when youre on the track
  • Define up to 5 splits for each track. Splits may be added or deleted at any time
  • Multiple hour/mileage meters
  • Adjustable power-off timing
  • Count laps - increasing or decreasing (laps left)
  • Handles tracks that run both clockwise and counter-clockwise
  • Downloadable firmware updates are always free and youre informed of updates in XT Studio

Hardware features
  • Rugged CNC billet aluminium case with 240x160 pixel LCD panel
  • Bright Red & Green LEDs for real-time better/worse lap indication
  • Backlit LCD with selectable brightness
  • High-brightness green and LEDs for live better/worse lap indication while riding/driving
  • 4-way rubberised button for menu and operational control
  • Self-powered via internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery (no need to wire to your bike)
  • USB port for charging and downloading data
  • Large internal memory for storing sessions
  • Windows software features (XT Studio)
  • All data in the GPX ZED may be downloaded at any time to XT Studio
  • Data may be imported/exported so you can compare data with friends
  • When connected to the internet, informs you of updates to the Zed's firmware and updates to XT Studio itself
  • View speed and acceleration data anywhere on the track map
  • Compare multiple laps

Price:249.17 (299.00 Inc. UK VAT at 20%)

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XT Racing Mounting Bracket for GPX ZED Lap Timer

XT Racing Mounting Bracket for GPX ZED Lap Timer

Ref: SIZ61647

Secure your GPX Lap Timer to your forks.

- Machined from billet aluminium
- Hard anodised for durability
- Available in a range of sizes from 41-55mm for mounting on a variety of fork tubes

Select your bike here (or fork diameter if your bike isn't listed)...

Price:28.33 (34.00 Inc. UK VAT at 20%)

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HM Dash - Plug-n-Play Digital LCD Gauges with Built-in 10Hz GPS Lap Timer

HM Dash - Plug-n-Play Digital LCD Gauges with Built-in 10Hz GPS Lap Timer


HM have spent years designing and developing the next generation dash and it's now available from HPS.

The design criteria was simple, the dash must...

• Be fully plug-n-play, ie. use your bike's original connector - no cutting, splicing or extra looms
• Fit on your bike's original dash mountings with no modification
• Communicate with your bike's ECU so that all fault codes are shown and logged
• Provide functionality far and beyond the original dash
• Be portable between different makes and models of bike, where possible
• Above all, be very simple and intuitive to use

"The HM Dash is superbike- spec but gives all the information you need and works in perfect unison with the HM Quickshifter."

Matt Hull, RiDE Magazine
Triumph Thruxon Special

"The dash illuminates and briefly shows ‘Triumph’ before reverting to a nice and clear display."

Dean Catton, Performance Bikes Magazine
Triumph 2007 Daytona 675RS

The new HM Dash uses a graphical LCD with a powerful blue backlight to provide all of the information in a tailored way. The list of features and functions is long, but here's a quick overview...

At the press of a button the display changes from a choice of:
• Road Modes - where all normal functions are visible
• Track Modes - where some important functions are displayed larger
• Lap Timer Modes - including automatic and manual
• Qualifying Modes
• Diagnostics

A very high specification - but very easy to use - GPS lap timer is built-in. This can be set to operate in automatic mode where, quite simply, it picks up your position the moment you leave the pits and automatically picks up your first complete lap when you cross the same place on the track for the first time. When returning to the pits, it simply discards the outlap and inlap data. If ever there is insufficient GPS signal strength (such as very heavy overhead cloud cover - as can affect any GPS receiver) the dash can use the main beam switch to trigger a new lap as an alternative. You can record any number of sessions and laps within those sessions and when returning to the pits, you can download your last session to the 'free of charge' HM software, which can give you a 3D view of your session.

The dash communicates with your bike's stock ECU to track and log all ECU faults and, not only is the fault code logged, but the explanation of the fault is provided in a choice of five different languages. This provides significantly more fault diagnostics than the standard dash. For example, even intermittent faults are logged and displayed.

The dash includes many configurable features such as RPM, Programmable Shift Lights and Advanced fuel management system (certain Suzukis only) that gives you total litres in the tank as well as litres required to fill. Another feature is the gearing setup, where the front and/or rear sprocket sizes can be changed and the speed, ODO etc will automatically adjust correctly.

The dash is the same for all applications, simply change the backplate to change between bikes and then a quick download from our website will update the HM Dash to the right software, subject to new/future bike compatibility.

Please select your bike...

Price:664.17 (797.00 Inc. UK VAT at 20%)

(Optional delivery charges calculated before checkout, depending on destination & service)

Healtech Multimeter-5 (MM5)

Healtech Multimeter-5 (MM5)

Ref: 59884

Simple to install, works with all vehicles

Multifunctional Display with Graphical Backlit LCD, for Motorcycle and Automotive use.


  • Air temperature with resettable min/max reading. Displays Celsius or Fahrenheit.
  • Voltage with resettable min/max reading. Programmable voltage alert and backlight shut-off.
  • Shows duration of active ignition-on session so you know when to take a break on long rides.
  • Engine Hour Meter, counts total hours of engine run time, especially useful on race engines which need regular overhauls. Can be reset from the Settings menu.
  • Stopwatch with resume function.
  • Laptimer function shows the current, last and best lap times. A large arrow sign indicates whether the new lap is better or not.
  • Easy to read display in all lighting conditions
  • Compact dimensions for motorcycle use (41x41x12mm)
  • All functions can be accessed with a single remote button
  • Auto cycle can be enabled to switch between the first 3 functions
  • Comes with a wide range, high precision external temp sensor
  • Quick and simple installation, only 2 wires (pwr & gnd) to connect
  • Works on all motorcycles, atvs, cars, boats and other vehicles
  • Rugged design, 100% waterproof

Price:83.31 (99.97 Inc. UK VAT at 20%)

(Optional delivery charges calculated before checkout, depending on destination & service)

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Translogic Retro-Fit Speed Sensor

Translogic Retro-Fit Speed Sensor

Ref: 34165

The retro-fit speed sensor allows the Micro Display or Micro Dash to function on early models of motorcycles and car installations where an electronic speed sensor is absent, usually mechanical speedo applications.

The sensor must be positioned so the end face is approximately 1 - 4mm away from a suitable ferrous metal target like a sprocket or brake disc bolt. The LED indicator situated in the sensor cable will flash each time the target passes the end face of the sensor when there is a good clean signal.

Price:58.33 (70.00 Inc. UK VAT at 20%)

(Optional delivery charges calculated before checkout, depending on destination & service)