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MotoSafe Attenuating Reusable Motorcycle Earplugs (Pair)

MotoSafe Attenuating Reusable Motorcycle Earplugs (Pair)

Ref: u30916

Filter out harmful noise - but still allow speech and other normal sounds to be heard

It's an undeniable fact that extended and regular exposure to excessive noise damages hearing. And, when your hearing is damaged, it can never recover - meaning that unprotected motorcyling can eventually lead to permanent deafness.

Excessive noise doesn't even need to sound that loud, as even at a modest 60 MPH / 100 km/h, the noise level on a bike is 90 dB - when health and safety law makes industrial hearing protection compulsory from only 80 dB.

By selectively filtering out only harmful noise and allowing harmless frequencies of sound to still be heard, MotoSafe users maintain better contact with their surroundings, road traffic and their bike for less fatigue and to avoiding that "cut-off" or dizzying/sickening "goldfish bowl" feeling (which many experience with regular disposable foam or even the best custom-made earplugs).

Supplied with an easy to use insertion tube and handy storage pouch, washable Motosafe earplugs are convenient, more comfortable to wear, hygienic and long lasting, making them ideal for both track use or long distance touring/sports riders.

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(Overall Rating: 10 out of 10)

My MotoSafes arrived today and they feel great...
...far more comfortable than my custom ear plugs. I'll try to sell my friends on the idea and might be placing another order with you for some more.
Mark - 1999 Yamaha R1