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Yamaha TDM900 2002> Onwards

Madstad Adjustable Screen for Yamaha TDM900 2002> onwards

Madstad Adjustable Screen for Yamaha TDM900 2002> onwards

Ref: 59164

The Versatile Madstad Complete Solution - Adjustable RoboBracket with Screen

Gives you total control over your windshield height, angle and airflow for the most comfort.

Madstad accomplishes superior airflow by separating your bike's windshield from its fairing with the patented adjustable RoboBracket system. By scooping air up under the windshield, it eliminates the vacuum normally generated behind your screen which causes turbulence and buffeting.

Your new windshield will then be fully adjustable for height, tilt and depth (distance from the rider). With the windshield raised from the fairing, air can flow underneath, eliminating the turbulence-causing vacuum behind it and giving you total control over the airflow and position of your shield, meaning one size shield will work perfectly for many different height riders.

Transform your ride with MadStad RoboBrackets, an adjustable wind management system that allows you to control the position and angle of your motorcycle windshield. The result is much smoother airflow, better wind protection and a more comfortable ride than any fixed windshield could ever provide.

"I cannot tell you how happy I am with this new screen... Not cheap (some said), but for the difference it has made, it's worth every penny. (In the 12 months we have had the bike I have bought two additional screens at £150 or so between them, and they are both unusable, almost).

[With the Madstad] I got onto the dual carriageway around the corner from where we live and was quickly aware of a noise still there, but not the same noise I have come to loathe almost to the point of refusing to ride on the motorway, but a new noise: a crisper, harsher, cleaner, rougher noise; still loud, but for some reason I did not mind it, but what was it?... Then I realised it was the engine, no exaggeration, that is what happened! I have never heard the engine above 40mph or so. It was lovely!!

It was truly glorious...

90mph, no ear-plugs (and I always wear/wore earplugs, and still really hated the noise), visor half-open (at fully open I got a little air into my eyes), and it was hard not to keep pressing on. It felt like the metaphorical hot knife through butter; effortless. I must admit there was some wind noise at 90mph, but no wind resistance and not of a sort to be in any way annoying or detract from the enjoyment of riding."

NR, West Sussex
Yamaha 2002 TDM900

Why adapt to your windshield when your windshield can adapt to you?

This is a complete custom made 3-piece system consisting of:

- An aluminium mounting base - USA made
- Adjustable RoboBrackets - USA made
- A complete replacement 18"/460mm or 20"/510mm tall windshield in Clear or Smoked Grey tint
- Highest quality aircraft-grade 18" and 20" screens produced for HPS in Germany by MRA under licence from Madstad to exact Madstad specification and design.

The mounting for the RoboBracket system is a black powder-coated Aluminium base which simply attaches directly to your bike's existing mounting holes. The adjustable RoboBrackets bolt to this base and the windshield attaches to the brackets.

Your kit will include everything needed to mount your RoboBracket system, including the adjustment tools to position your shield, so your bike will not require any further modification.

Please Note: These are factory produced to order with approx. 2-3 weeks delivery (non-refundable payment taken at time of order).

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Add a Quixx Xerapol Plastic Polish/Scratch Remover Kit to keep your screen looking like new, 11.20

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(Overall Rating: 10 out of 10)

  Screen is fitted and doing a good job.     Martin - Hampshire