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R&G Crash Protector Example
YZF-R1 after crash at 50 MPH

R&G Crash Protector Example2
Suzuki GSX-R1000 after crash at 80+ MPH

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The problem – for racers (and road riders) alike…
It’s a fact of motorcycling life that at some point almost all bikes will either simply fall over when stationary, or will be involved in an accident with the bike sliding down road or track. In the past we all simply accepted this would be a costly experience, often resulting in at best bodywork, footrest, or exhaust scrapes, or at worst a trip on a tow truck as engine oil spilled from a ruptured engine casing. Not too bad if you’re at Donington, perhaps, but less welcome when up a Pyrenees mountain pass at midnight.

We all know we no longer need to suffer from these problems in many crashes or scrapes, but now there are many companies making crash protectors (known in other parts of the world as ‘Frame Sliders’) how many actually work well?

The R&G philosophy
HPS chose R&G crash protectors because they are tried and tested on both road and track (yes, we have used them in accidents on our bikes with exceptional results!) and have no ‘gimmick’ features, such as rotating heads - which could enable a bike to retain its kinetic energy and continue to slide for further than necessary, or exposed metal parts which could spark or shear in a crash and damage or dig in, flipping the bike over. The kits are not ‘fairing protectors’ or ‘frame protectors’; they are ‘bike protectors’ and while they can’t work miracles, they shift the odds of reducing or eliminating damage completely, far further than many of the alternatives.

Design and engineering
Designed without compromise for effective protection, R&G kits rely on nothing other than intelligent and experienced in-house design & engineering, superior materials and consistent manufacturing quality.

Modern motorcycles are designed to be as lightweight as possible; the consequence of this is that there are very few places on a bike with enough strength to take a direct impact without breaking. The only place on most bikes capable of dissipating crash impact of forces is the point where the frame meets the engine; the keystone of the bike. This is where R&G kits almost always mount.

In some cases this may mean a small and simple fairing modification is required, if this is not to your preference checkout our 'No Cuts' Crash Protector Kits here.

R&G Crash Protector Kit

Anatomy of an R&G crash protector
Special grade of solid nylon, developed and proven to wear evenly, scrubbing speed from a crash to help save further damage, while at the same time wearing down as slowly as possible
Metal compression sleeves inserted to enable an accurate torque setting to be applied to mounting bolts. This is particularly important as many modern bikes rely on the engine as a fully stressed member of the chassis and loose engine bolts can lead to handling problems, brake judder and even a cracked frame
Replacement engine bolts supplied with kits are heat-treated and de-embrittled so they are unlikely to snap on impact and are electroplated to resist corrosion
Manufactured in the UK, and with foolproof instructions supplied, they are extremely easy to fit

R&G – Trusted by professionals

R&G crash protectors have been used and recommended or endorsed by some of the World’s best riders, including… Pierfrancesco Chilli, Chris Vermuelen, Michael Rutter, Glen Richards, David Jefferies (RIP) Niall Mackenzie, Chris Burns, Jim Moodie, Mat Llewellyn, Jamie Robinson, Craig Jones, Shaun Harris, Phillip McCallen, Iain Duffus, Ian Lougher, Kelvin Reilly, Adrian Archichibald, Neil Faulkner, John Crockford, Darren Thomas, Danny Beaumont, Kevin Carmichael, Andy Ibbott & Kieran Murphy.

From just £50 per pair.

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'No Cuts' Crash Protectors
Alternatively, if you do not wish to modify your fairing, please checkout our 'No Cuts' Crash Protectors... Click here for more info.



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